Strobl Fights for Free Speech on Berkeley Campus

14th District Executive Committeeman Fights for Free Speech on Campus

University of Michigan Student Fights for Coulter’s Right to Speak at Berkeley

Grosse Pointe Shores, MI [Immediate Release]:  A Grosse Pointe Shores student, who is national chairman of the Young Americans for Freedom, voices support of efforts to bring conservative activist Ann Coulter to speak at the University of California-Berkeley.


YAF is a sponsor of the much discussed and recently cancelled April 27 appearance of Coulter at the University of California – Berkeley.  The University unilaterally canceled the appearance.  Coulter is  political commentator, prolific writer, and syndicated columnist who appears frequently on television and radio.  Learn more about Coulter here


“What Berkeley is attempting to do is a mess,” said Strobl.  “They know that everything they are attempting to do is unconstitutional.  That is why I am so pleased to be a part of the YAF team that has taken legal action against the University of California to assure freedom of speech on campus.  We have every expectation that a Coulter speech will be occur at Berkeley.”


Read YAF’s lawsuit here


“Many college campuses have lost track of a simple notion.  Diversity should include diversity of opinions,” added Strobl.  “YAF and I are committed to keep all of our campuses open for thought provoking presentations like Coulter’s.”


Strobl is also in his second elected term on the 14th Congressional District Executive Committee in Michigan.


Strobl attends the University of Michigan where he majors in International Studies and Political Science, with a minor in German. He is expected to graduate with the class of 2018.  He was named to Red Alert Politics prestigious “30 Under 30” list  


He was also named to Newsmax’ prestigious list of the “30 Most Influential Republicans Under 30”.  In making its selection, Newsmax stated its ranking took into account “each candidate's accomplishments relative to their age” and that it sought “to highlight emerging voices” in the Republican Party.  Learn more about the list here  


The YAF Chair position is one some have called “The Most Important Undergraduate in the Country”.


“Grant has been a free speech activist since his days in high school and his devotion to keep that freedom on campus has been shown time and again,” said Janine Kateff, 14th District Chairwoman.  “At the University of Michigan, he championed several free speech efforts including the “American Sniper” movie viewing and bringing conservative voices such asDinesh D'Souza to Ann Arbor.   His commitments to our freedoms is so admirable.  What has happened to freedoms on campus?  This is a serious issue that Grant and YAF are addressing.”


For more information, email [email protected] or call 586-917-6118.