Resolution Regarding Censure of Congressman Meijer

Resolution of the Executive Committee and Officers of the 14th Congressional District Republican Party

Passed On 09 March 2021


WHEREAS The Michigan 14th Congressional District Executive Committee strongly condemns all political violence the nation has experienced over the past year, most recently at the U.S. Capitol; and

WHEREAS The FBI determined that the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, was pre-planned and launched by provocateurs even before the conclusion of President Trump’s remarks, thus, it was not initiated by President Trump’s remarks; and

WHEREAS A reading of the transcript and viewing the video of President Trump’s speech confirm that President Trump did not incite anyone to riot; and

WHEREAS On January 13, 2021, Congressman Peter Meijer pre-judged President Trump and denied him due process by voting to impeach him before any evidence was presented and after little or no debate; and

WHEREAS This politically-motivated impeachment is just one more step in the effort by the Democrat Party and the radical left to subvert the rule of law and destroy our American way of life and;

WHEREAS By voting for this unsubstantiated impeachment, Congressman Meijer aligned himself with the Democrats, leftists, and progressives who assault our foundational principles and who use the attack on the U.S. Capitol to smear the entire conservative movement and the Republican Party; and

WHEREAS Michigan's citizens rely on our elected officials to represent and protect us, Meijer’s move to impeach President Trump shows that Michiganders are justified in their concern of what could happen under the Biden administration; and

WHEREAS The purpose of the Trump rally of January 6, 2021, was to bring together hundreds of thousands of citizens of all ages, colors, and religions – including many residents of Michigan's 14th Congressional District – to peacefully petition their government for redress of their grievances regarding the 2020 Presidential election;



THEREFORE IT IS RESOLVED that the Michigan 14th District Executive Committee hereby condemns Congressman Peter Meijer's vote to impeach President Trump.

IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that the Michigan 14th District Executive Committee hereby requests that the Michigan Republican Party censure Congressman Peter Meijer and condemn his reckless vote to impeach President Trump.


APPROVED by the 14th District Executive Committee by a majority vote on 09 March 2021.