Resolution Regarding Anti-Semitism at the University of Michigan

14th Congressional District Republican Committee Statement on Anti-Semitism at the University of Michigan

The 14th District Republican Committee is deeply concerned about recent media reports
highlighting student accounts of anti-Semitism (as defined by both the Department of
Education and the State Department) at the University of Michigan. In one incident, a highly
qualified student was denied a letter of recommendation for study abroad in Israel because the
professor said his support of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign precluded
him from doing so, even though the University has emphatically rejected BDS, and the State of
Michigan recently passed legislation prohibiting BDS as well.

In another incident, a student reported that she was required to attend lectures for her art
curriculum which featured speakers who demonized the State of Israel and likened its prime
minister to Hitler.

As a public institution supported by Michigan taxpayers and as a leading research university
receiving federal funding, the University must comply with state and federal laws and
guidelines -- as well as its own internal policies -- prohibiting discrimination, harassment,
intimidation and anti-Semitism.

We call upon U-M leadership, as well as our state legislature, which appropriates taxpayer
monies to support the university, to take swift and decisive action to end anti-Semitic abuses
on campus and in the classroom. We urge the University to live up to its commitment to
tolerance, inclusiveness, equity and true and full diversity, including diversity of thought.

This statement was supported unanimously at the Oct 9, 2018 14th CDRC meeting

Chairwoman, 14th District Republican Committee