Resolution Commending President Trump

Michigan’s 14th Congressional District GOP Resolution
Commending President Donald Trump

January 2018

Whereas after one year in office as President you have promoted renewed respect for and consideration of our United States Constitution when proposing or signing legislation/regulations to benefit our nation;

Whereas you have appointed like-minded, constitutionally oriented judges and jurists as openings arise;

Whereas you have addressed the growing cost and availability of healthcare for all citizens (and especially our veterans);

Whereas you have promoted legal and humane immigration reforms to meet our country’s needs, and for seeking to expel violent illegal immigrants;

Whereas you have successfully insisted on lowering taxes and regulations for all American taxpayers, including U.S. corporations;

Whereas your policies and optimism have promoted incredibly robust U.S. business and stock markets, higher employment, and the lowest black unemployment rate ever recorded;

Whereas you gave immediate and personal attention to the great natural and man-made disasters that have so recently plagued so many of our people;

Whereas your actions have restored respect for our constitutionally protected religious freedoms (e.g., restoring "Merry" to Christmas);

Whereas you have re-set in a positive and fruitful way our relations with two of the most powerful countries in the world: Russia and China;

Whereas you have met the dictators of North Korea and Iran with resolution, and have stood in total solidarity with the freedom-seeking people of Iran;

Whereas many past presidents have promised to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, you are the first president to fulfill that promise;

Whereas you have shown vocal and insistent promotion of patriotism and love for our great country and restored urgent funding for our vital military capability; and

Whereas you have demonstrated refreshing candor and honesty in your official remarks:

--to the United Nations, noting that ultimately each nation must be concerned primarily with the well being of its own citizens;

--to our NATO allies, affirming that each member must pay its allotted dues if it expects to be defended by the United States, now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that the 14th District Republican Executive Committee on behalf of its members commends and thanks you, President Donald Trump, for your successful first year as President of the United States of America.