Powell Elected to MRP State Committee

Farmington Hills Resident Elected to Republican State Committee

Powell Elected to Michigan Leadership Group

Farmington Hills, MI [Immediate Release]: Kelly E. Powell, Farmington Hills, will serve as a member of the Michigan Republican Party State Committee representing the 14th Congressional District. Her term began after her election at the January meeting of the 14th District Republican Executive Committee held in Southfield.


“I am honored to serve as State Committeewoman for the 14th District,” said Powell. “Since being elected as a delegate in 2014, my main political interests are being pro-life and pro-Second Amendment. As an entrepreneur here in Farmington Hills, I also believe in smaller and more accountable government.”


Learn more about the position here http://www.migop.org/about

With her election to State Committee, Powell also becomes a member of the 14th Congressional District Executive Committee and remains an elected precinct delegate. Powell manages a family business full time. She graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor degree in Theology.

“Kelly has been active in the 14th District since her first election as delegate,” said Janine Kateff, 14th District Chairwoman. “We know she’ll represent the District well on State Committee. She is committed to growing the Republican Party and keeping the Party faithful to its own platform. Kelly will do a terrific job on State Comittee in this busy election year.”