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In this October newsletter:



Notable Announcements:


  • October 6:  Farmington Area Republican (FAR) meeting at FH City Hall begins at 7 p.m. and features MIGOP Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel for an election update and Bruce McIntyre speaking about “Mass transit tax issue explained”
  • October 10:  Lakes Area Tea Party features Aaron Kall, Director of Debate at the U. of Michigan - Ann Arbor at at Tommy's Parthenon on 40380 Grand River Ave. in Novi (note this is a temporary location change) with dinner at 6 p.m. and program at 7 p.m.
  • October 13:  14th District sponsors a “Drawing & Shooting” class (see article below)
  • October 17:  Vice President candidate Governor Mike Pence appears in Macomb County; see details here
  • October 17:  Oakland County Young Republicans meeting at 6:30 p.m at Black Finn in Royal Oak.  Speaker TBD.  Details by emailing Shawn at [email protected].
  • October 18: Eastside Republican Club (ERC) meets at 7:30 p.m and features political commentator Bill Ballenger at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial.  Details here
  • October 20:  14th District Republican Committee meeting at National Coney at 1812 N. Main, Royal Oak (note change in location) with 6:00 p.m. for dinner and 7:00 p.m. business meeting

A Message from the Chairwoman


Dear 14th District Executive Committee Members, and fellow Republicans;


The Trump campaign and the Trump movement are going strong in Michigan!  Several members of the 14th Executive Committee have been named as Oakland County Co-chairs for Trump:  Karen Faett, Jennifer Oram and me.  It is such an honor to be selected by the Trump campaign for this role in the most important county in Michigan to get Trump elected.  Also, Andrew Richner, a Kasich bound delegate to the RNC Convention in Cleveland, has been named as a Wayne County Co-chair for Trump.


A few Republicans continue to “drag their feet” regarding endorsing Trump.  


I will only ask that anyone reading this newsletter who feels that way to consider this.  Do you really want a career liar, corrupt insider, and globalist who has little interest in advancing the American way of life to be elected President?  I know as a Republican you do not want this.


If you do not want to help elect a Democrat in November, then do something for Trump.   If you need ideas about how to help, let me know. Surely you can plant a yard sign at your home or business.  Maybe wear a Trump shirt when you are out and about.   Walk lists?  They are waiting for volunteers.  How about using TrumpTalk, the latest high tech way to call potential voters for Trump.


This is prime time to do all things needed to elect Trump. You are needed NOW!


If you need even more incentive to get involved, please know that absentee ballots across Michigan were mailed by each municipality before September 30 (also known as yesterday). The November election process has already begun!


I hope that all who could did attend one or both of the Trump flash mob events.  Thousands of Trump supporters turned out statewide for each of these!  Congrats to the volunteer organizers!  Can some of the flash mob excitement by scrolling through this Facebook link


With all the excitement of Trump being in Novi yesterday, let’s not forget that Mike Pence will be in Macomb County on October 17.  Check out the details here


Bill Rauwerdink, is our elected 14th District member of the Electoral College. Bill was elected at the August MIGOP State Convention in Grand Rapids. After Donald Trump is elected as President of the United States on November 8 he, along with other elected Electoral College members, will cast their vote at the Michigan State Capitol as part of a ceremonious event. Make us proud Bill and congratulations!


So many firsts have happened in the 14th District!   Another example:  The 14th District Republican Committee has made campaign donations to candidates in the District.  


With special thanks to:  our primary fundraising event led by Robert Oestreich;  our 2015 Holiday Party Event (led by the Holiday Party Committee of Gloria Rocha, Donzell Green and Matt Schonert); and our dues collection, we were able to donate to 14th District candidates!


At our September meeting the 14th CD Executive Committee voted to make campaign donations to the following candidates.*


Dr. Howard Klausner: US Congress - District 14

William Broman: State House - District 1

Mitch Swoboda: State House - District 37

Klint Kesto: State House - District 39

Dr. Robert Buxbaum: OC Water Commissioner

Tom Berman: Oakland County Commissioner - District 5

Michelle Dinardo: Oakland County Commissioner - District 13

Fritz Beiermeister: Farmington School Board

Paul Karmo: West Bloomfield Trustee

Don Perry:  West Bloomfield Trustee

Sheila Siegel Weissman: West Bloomfield Trustee


* NOTE*:  Treasurer Chris Konja, before issuing a check,  will need specific data from each of the above candidates to comply with Michigan reporting requirements. Please contact Treasurer Chris at  [email protected] if you have not yet received a check from the 14th District.


(Please note that two candidates declined to accept a donation.  The two are Robert Brim - State House Candidate and Matt Schonert - State House Candidate.)


Best wishes to ALL of our candidates on November 8!


An excellent time was had by all at the Eastside Republican Club’s annual dinner event held on September 29 at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club.  Speaker Scott Hagerstrom, Michigan Chair of the Trump Campaign, shared the state of the campaign in Michigan,  as well as an overview of the national scene.  We were invigorated to hear the great news about our next President of the United States - Donald J. Trump. This was a great event!


JK new pix 5.20.16.jpg

Next 14th CD Meeting:  October 20

Meeting location (same location as the last meeting)

National Coney at 1812 N. Main, Royal Oak, MI 48067




All Republicans are always welcome to attend this open meeting!  Please join us with your ideas, energy and help to us grow!


Thank you for ALL You Do!



Warmest Regards,


Janine Kateff

14th District Chairwoman


email -  [email protected]

Like our Facebook-


twitter -

586 917 6118

14th District Hosts “Drawing and Shooting” Class


The 14th District, led again by Robert Oestreich from our Executive Committee (Thank you Robert), is sponsoring a skill development class “Drawing and Shooting from Concealment”.  This is a one night advanced class for citizens who hold or are applying for a Concealed Permit License (CPL).  Space is very limited. Learn all the details and register here:


Exercise your Second Amendment rights!

untitled (7).png

Gentle Reminder About Membership

Are you a member of the Republican 14th CD?  


Mail your $25 membership check to Treasurer Chris Konja, 6575 Stonebridge E., West Bloomfield, MI. 48324. Or you can become a member or renew your membership using this link Your dues and our other fundraising activities support Republican candidates and organizations in the 14th Congressional District.


Elect Justices Larson and Viviano on November 8


Justice Vivano and Larsen.jpg

Justice Viviano, Chairwoman Kateff, and Justice Larsen at MIGOP meeting


With all the (well deserved) attention on electing Donald J. Trump as our next President, we all know that many  important votes are cast “down the ballot”.   Among those important votes, we need to elect Justices Larson and Viviano for the Michigan Supreme Court.  We know that the Supreme Court, when it is off track, can cause a bunch of trouble.   A rule of law Michigan Supreme Court is what we have and what we want to keep.  Vote Viviano and Larsen!!

Wayne Bradley Radio Show Silenced


Shocking and right here in Detroit.  Wayne Bradley, a member of the 14th District Executive Committee and a local radio personality, has been dropped by his radio station for supporting Donald Trump for President.   Wayne has been pulled from local airwaves for supporting Trump after the New York businessman visited Detroit and Bradley appeared with him at a local rally.


Bradley, a black Trump supporter, took to Facebook to say that he was put on “hiatus” after Trump visited Detroit, saying he (Bradley) has “not been allowed back on the air since.”


Janine Kateff, 14th District Chair, said “How can a radio station claim to be a voice for the community, when its actions silence a part of the community. Wayne had a great radio show.”


Learn more about how to contact the station to express your thoughts here

Democrat Rep. Brenda Lawrence “Votes for Us” in Washington


Your Democratic 14th Congressional District U.S. Representative Brenda Lawrence has been busy in Washington, D.C.  Here is a recap of several of her recent and shocking votes.   Her role to support the Democrat Party line and not support Michigan values can be seen very clearly.   Her votes often are like this:  think of a logical idea/opinion and then vote the opposite way.   After considering her positions, please feel free to call her office at 202-225-5802.


  • HB 5293 failed 191 to 230 with Lawrence voting AGAINST.   This would have cut aid to Pakistan from $900 million to $700 million.
  • HB 5293 (McGovern Amendment) failed 135 to 285 with Lawrence voting FOR.  This would have prohibited spending money on combat operations in Iraq and Syria until Congress passes a use of military force bill.
  • HB 5293 (Polis Amendment) failed 69 to 351 with Lawrence voting AGAINST.  This would have reduced spending on the Defense Department by 1%, excluding spending on personnel or health care.
  • HB 5293 (Lamborn Amendment) passed 245 to 175 with Lawrence voting AGAINST.  This would  stop the transfer of Guantanamo Bay detainees by prohibiting funds from being spent to review potential detention locations in the U.S.
  • HB 5293 (Byrne Amendment) passed with a vote of 223 to 198, with (of course) Lawrence voting AGAINST.  This prohibits federal funds to be spent to construct facilities on U.S. military bases to house unaccompanied alien children.
  • HB 5525 failed 207 to 143, which Lawrence voting AGAINST.  This vote was to end a subsidy to mobile phone companies to give low-income customers discounted mobile phone service.
  • HB 5485 failed 177 to 245 with Lawrence voting FOR.  This would allow abortion coverage in federal government employees health insurance.

Robert Oestreich: 14th Executive Committee member profile


Robert Oestreich was raised in a Republican household where family, morals and values were instilled and important, so he probably didn’t need much of a push.


But he wondered aloud to a neighbor about how Democrats think and view many issues so differently. The neighbor proceeded to shower him with a stack of articles ranging from politics to economics.


After reading them, “I knew I was a conservative,” Oestreich recalls.


“In college, I became fed up with hearing my college professors trying to shove liberal ideology down my throat and I always thought of that as inexcusable,” Oestreich says.  “While commuting to college, I listened to libertarian and conservative talk show host Mark Scott, as well as other local and national radio hosts, and read. My growth as a conservative Republican leaped exponentially.”


Oestreich is a very active one right now.  

_MG_1865 RGO Small 1.jpg

He has been a precinct delegate from Farmington Hills since 2014, was an alternate delegate for Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and is a member of the Oakland County Republican Party’s Executive Committee, is on the 14th Congressional District’s Executive Committee and is treasurer of the Republican Liberty Caucus.


“When one seeks to make change, one must take action,” Oestreich says.  “Too many politicians, who are elected to represent the people, are ignoring the supremacy of the Constitution and lack fiscal responsibility.  I ran for precinct delegate in 2014 to take action and make a difference for my daughters and future generations.”


He continues, “I jumped in running when I led to a successful finish the first fundraiser in the 14th Republican Congressional District’s history.  It is fun coordinating and bringing like-minded people together for a common goal.   It’s even more fun to be part of a 14 District’s Executive Committee meeting discussing how political funds will be distributed to which candidates.  Sometimes you’ll even receive several text messages and thanks from other Committee members for helping to build up the 14th District’s political funds.”


He is currently heading up efforts for the 14th District’s drawing and shooting for concealment class.  Participants must already must have a concealed pistol license. It will be held October 12. Further information is available above in this newsletter and at this link[


A research engineer at Ford Motor Co. in Dearborn, Oestreich holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan. He enjoys photography and getting involved with new technology, hobbies he has put to use in his GOP activities.


“I have been happily married to my wife Debbie for 27 years,” he says. “We have two daughters and together they actively support me and my aspirations.”


One thing that is striking about Oestreich is his height. “I am 6 feet 7 inches — tall enough to go duck hunting with a rake.”  Robert is often referred to as “the gentle giant”.


The following Ronald Reagan quote about sums up Robert’s beliefs:


If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism. I think conservatism is really a misnomer just as liberalism is a misnomer for the liberals — if we were back in the days of the Revolution, so-called conservatives today would be the Liberals and the liberals would be the Tories. The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is.


“It is always fun getting together with like-minded Conservatives, I continue to learn and grow and I am making a difference for our future and the future of our nation.  It was my thumb that made news in the Detroit Free Press during the Donald J. Trump Flash Mob held on August 30.” (   Photo 1 of 17 is Oestreich’s thumb. Photo 5 is Oestrich holding a flag, so “both my left and right hand made Trump history,” he says.)


“Thumbs up represents how I see our nation growing and moving forward as we come together to elect a new era of presidential leadership and to shift our nation back to where our founding fathers set out all those years ago,” Oestreich says.



Grant Strobl in the National News Again (Twice---Really)


First, Grant Strobl, of Grosse Pointe Shores and a member of the 14th Executive Committee,  has been named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Young Americans for Freedom, a project of Young America’s Foundation.


Strobl, who is 20, attends the University of Michigan where he majors in International Studies and Political Science with a minor in German. He is expected to graduate with the class of 2018.  Prior to being elected its Chair, he served on the national Board of Governors of Young American’s for Freedom.  He was recently named to Red Alert Politics prestigious “30 Under 30” list.


In 2015, Grant was elected to Michigan’s 14th Congressional District Republican Executive Committee. He recently attended the Democratic and Republican National Conventions as part of his summer project working with Sean Hannity on Fox News Channel in New York.


Oh, yes, that second mention in the national news.  It relates to our tax dollars at work.  The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, a state funded university the last time we looked (a/k/a YOUR tax dollars), now is paying a University administrator to oversee students selecting their chosen pronoun (yes, again, you read it correctly).  Strobl used a new University rule to declare himself “His Majesty”.  Read all about it here  or at item #1 in the “News Links” below.


Funny, if it were not so sad.  What are our universities thinking?


Go His Majesty Grant Strobl!  See you at the next meeting.  Your vote still only counts as one.

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