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A Message from the Chairwoman

Dear 14th District Executive Committee Members, and fellow Republicans;


Happy New Year!          Can you believe it is 2017?


Each of us celebrates the New Year differently with our own traditions. Some celebrate New Year’s Eve with family and friends. Some celebrate New Year’s Day with family and friends. Some cheer the big bowl games such as this year’s Michigan v. Florida State Orange Bowl just a few days ago.  However you choose to celebrate be safe!   For those recovering from a spectacular New Year’s Eve party…  take a Tylenol!  


YOUGE CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Ronna Romney McDaniel as she moves on to head the Republican National Committee, as President Elect Trump’s hand picked choice.  We’ll miss her, but this is such a wonderful opportunity for Ronna.  Her selection is a testimony to her excellent performance in Michigan - specifically, she along with a host of many led this state to become RED after 28 years. She has been our leader and friend and deserves that credit.  Thank you Ronna and we know you’ll stay in touch with the RED State of Michigan. We are sooo proud to send you off and will be watching as you help to move the country forward with more RED in the landscape.


In just days, our 45th President will be sworn in and I am thrilled to say, I will be in attendance.  When President Elect Trump first announced his decision to run, few believed he had a snowball's chance of actually winning.  But did he ever win!   Like many, I am still a basking in the deplorable glory and happy so many people stepped up and voted like never before.


For those who could not attend our Second Annual Christmas-Hannukah-Victory party I can only say----YOU MISSED IT!   Cheryl Costantino & Christina Barr did an awesome job planning the event! Kudos to Christina and Cheryl!!!  We had 12 sponsors who wrote  checks to support us and a packed house with guests!   The room was buzzing with energy!  The picture below captures some of the energy in the room, but many more photos are posted to the 14th’s Facebook page.  Click here to check them out


When I ran to be your Chair in 2015, three of my commitments to you included to raise the energy level of the District, to raise money through fundraising events and to donate those monies to local candidates.  The Christmas - Hanukkah - Victory Party demonstrated all three of these commitments!  It was the largest single fundraising event in the history of the 14th District!  Plus it was a BLAST!


Special guests in attendance included almost every sponsor and Jeff Sakwa, MIGOP Vice Chair.  Also attending was Scott Hagerstrom, sponsor and candidate for MIGOP Chair, who spoke about his candidacy for the now open MIGOP Chair position.


The road to electing our next MIGOP chair starts at the county conventions. Each County in Michigan will have a County Convention on January 26.  To have a voice in the future of the MIGOP mark your calendar and plan to attend either the Oakland or Wayne County convention.   Delegates elected at county conventions will go on to vote for who will lead the MIGOP when they attend the February 10 -11, 2017 State Convention in Lansing.  The Oakland County meeting will be held at Polish American Cultural Center, 2975 E Maple Rd, Troy, MI 48083.  The Wayne County meeting will be held at St. John Church (next to Comerica Park) in Detroit.

JK new pix 5.20.16.jpg

2016 showed how much we can accomplish together.  The #1 accomplishment is winning a Republican President in Michigan. The 14th District has done so much!  Whether it is our monthly meetings, or our multiple fundraisers or our extremely well received “Salute to Law Enforcement Rally” we have done so much and should be rightfully proud of the work done.


That said,  we all know that in just months the race to keep a Republican Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State and both house majorities in Lansing will be in full force.


Enjoy your New Year’s festivities and then join us as we kick off 2017.


*** NOTE - Due to the Inauguration, our January meeting date CHANGED to January 12.***

Next 14th CD Meeting  

January 12, 2017

National Coney Island, 1812 N. Main, Royal Oak

6:00 Order off menu, networking - please spend $10.00 to secure this location

7:00pm Business meeting




All Republicans are welcome to attend this open meeting!  Please join us with your ideas, energy and help to make us grow!


Warm Regards,

Janine Kateff

14th District Chairwoman


email - [email protected]

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586 917 6118

Notable Announcements


  • January 5:  Farmington Area Republican (FAR) meeting at 7 p.m. at FH City Hall
  • January 6: Joint Session of the U.S. Congress to read the Electoral College ballots
  • January 9:  Lakes Area Tea Party at Uptown Grille in Commerce starting with dinner at 6 p.m. and program at 7 p.m. featuring Patty McMurray and Lisa Audette who spent two years investigating voter fraud in our most vulnerable areas of Pontiac and Detroit.
  • January 12:  NOTE DATE CHANGE  14th District Republican Committee meeting at National Coney Island (1812 N. Main, Royal Oak) with order off menu 6 p.m. and business meeting at 7 p.m. Topics to include an Electoral College report, Inauguration updates and special guests Scott Hagerstrom, who is a candidate for MIGOP Chair, and Jeff Sakwa, who is MIGOP's current Vice Chair.
  • January 16:   M. L. King Day Celebrations in the 14th District  (see article below for details)
  • January 16:  Oakland County Young Republicans meeting at Blackfinn in Royal Oak.  Call Shawn at 248-978-6120 for details.
  • January 17:  Eastside Republican Club meeting at The War Memorial, 32 Lake Shore Road features syndicated cartoonist and Detroit News auto critic Henry Payne; click here to learn more.
  • January 20: Inauguration Ceremony and Parade in D.C. for our 45th President Donald J. Trump
  • January 20 - 21:  Battle Cry ‘17 features Michigan’s only Trump Inauguration Ball and Andy Schlafly as keynote speaker; at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort.  Details at
  • January 26: GOP County Conventions held statewide this night




M. L. King Day Celebrations Held in the 14th District


Dr. M.L. King Day celebrations will be held throughout southeast Michigan on January 16, 2017.   Learn more about specific events in the Metro Detroit area HERE


His most famous speech, first delivered here in Detroit and still memorable, can be heard HERE.

14th District Christmas/Hanukkah/Victory Party Recap


Our Second Annual 14th District December event was entitled the Christmas - Hanukkah - Victory Party.  And it was awesome!  Click here to view many more event photos



Part of the packed house at the 14th’s Christmas/Hanukkah party


The event committee consisted of Christina Barr (Executive Committee member) and Cheryl Costantino (District Vice Chair).  A special thank you to Matt Schonert (State Committeeman) for setting up our Eventbrite for online registration.


The 1917 Bistro Restaurant was packed.  The Committee selected this local Detroit restaurant after the owner hosted a Donald Trump, Jr. luncheon and in response other local patrons boycotted the restaurant. This occurred solely because a smart entrepreneur was fortunate to get some “extra business” from the Trump campaign.   The restaurant owner, who appeared in several Detroit media stories about the boycott,  is one of the many citizens trying to made Detroit great again.  We could not let this stand so the 1917 Bistro was selected!


The owner, Don, was grateful and his wait staff was excellent in serving a very full house!


The event featured several raffle drawings with prizes, a silent auction, buffet dinner, and great Republican company, all with many reasons to be happy!   While the final numbers are not yet in, this fundraiser may well be the most profitable event ever held by the 14th District!


Thanks to all who took the time to celebrate with us.  



• Ronna Romney McDaniel, Former MIGOP Chairwoman and new RNC Chairwoman
• Scott Hagerstrom, Former Trump Campaign State Chair and Candidate for MIGOP Chair
• Dr. Robert Steele, National Committeeman
• Janine Renko Kateff, 14th District Chairwoman
• Sue Burstein-Kahn, 14th District State Committeewoman
• Linda Stulburg, 14th District Precinct Delegate
• Tom Jordan Berman, Oakland County Commissioner, District 5
• East Side Republicans - ESR
• Greater West Bloomfield Republicans - GWBR
• Farmington Area Republicans - FAR
• Wayne 14th Republican Committee
• Battle Cry 2017


Michigan Electors Do Their Job


On December 19 the Electoral College met to elect the 45th President of the U.S.   Our 14th District Elector, Bill Rauwerdink, participated as a Michigan member of the Electoral College after being elected to that position in August 2016.   The Michigan Electors met in the Michigan Senate Chamber in Lansing, with Governor Rick Snyder presiding at the ceremony.


The entire Electoral College consists of 538 Electors, with a majority equal to 270 votes to be elected President.  Each state's entitled allotment of Electors equals the number of members in its U.S. Congressional delegation: one for each member in the U.S. House of Representatives, plus two for the state’s U.S. Senators.  By this method Michigan has 16 Electoral votes.


On the day of the vote, each Elector certified six sets of ballots and voted separately for President and Vice President.  The most important of these six sets of ballots will be delivered to the President of the U.S. Senate (a/k/a the Vice President Joe Biden) for the official count of the Electoral votes on January 6, 2017.  The other five sets go to various archival sites, including the U.S. Archivist and the Michigan Secretary of State.


The official count is performed before a Joint Session of the the U.S. Congress.  At the Joint Session, there is a roll call vote where each ballot cast is read and recorded.  This official count happens after the new Congress is sworn in so any issues would be decided by that Congress.


Much has been written about the Electors being “harassed” and being buried with emails, U.S. mail and telephone calls attempting to sway individual Electors to not vote for Trump.  “I received thousands of emails, beginning shortly after November 8,” said Rauwerdink.  “The U.S. mail volume picked up in the week just before December 19 and spiked at about 2,000 pieces per day.”  The photo below shows three days worth of mail.

untitled (11).png

(L to R)  Letters received on 12/15, 12/16 and then 12/17 (which that day alone totalled over 2,000 pieces)


Michigan had no “faithless” Electors as all sixteen selected Donald J. Trump, which was how Michigan voters decided (and which the Electors were mandated to do by Michigan laws).  “Being elected to represent the 14th District was an honor.  Thanks to all who supported me.  Having a teeny role in such an historic event as Trump’s election was a once in a lifetime experience,” said Rauwerdink.

MIGOP Chair Candidates


With Ronna Romney McDaniel named by President-Elect Trump to be the RNC Chair (after being confirmed for that position at the January 2017 RNC National Committee meeting), the position of MIGOP Chair will be an open position at the February 2017 State Convention.  As of our publication date, two candidates have announced their intention to run for MIGOP Chair:   Scott Hagerstrom, Trump’s Michigan Campaign Director and former AFP State Director,  and Ron Wieser, former MIGOP Chair and University of Michigan Regent.  We will have more information about each candidate in the February edition, but for now check out their websites and

Profile:  Janine Kateff completes her first term as Chairwoman


This is the 25th and final profile of 14th District Executive Committee members elected in February 2015.


When the Michigan real estate market tanked in 2006 it may have been a blessing in disguise for the Republican Party in the 14th Congressional District.


It ended Janine Kateff’s brief career as a home builder, but gave her time to observe politics up close.


As the daughter of an entrepreneur she said she has a visceral opposition to government interference and regulations, and that her parents had instilled conservative family values. So it was painful for her to watch Congress and newly elected President Obama immediately try to take over the nation’s health care system.


“I knew it was time to get politically active,” she said. “My friend and I decided to volunteer for a candidate who would fight for us in the U.S. Congress.  We volunteered in early 2009 for then U.S. Congressional Candidate Paul Welday and then later campaigned for the primary winner Rocky Raczkowski.


“We met hundreds of energized and like-minded Republicans. It was refreshing to not have to look over my shoulder to talk politics with these new found Republicans! I fully emerged myself in the campaign volunteering as photographer and was given the title of campaign

manager for the West Bloomfield area.


“I met many great Republicans such as Bill Belcher and Vicki Kahle who were my bosses in that campaign — they taught me everything I know!  For eleven months I loved every minute of it.


“Most of the political friendships made during that campaign are still strong.  Friends such as Linda Stulberg, Sue Burstein- Kahn, Fritz Beiermeister, Gerry Cameron, Rocky Raczkowski, Marian Sheridan, Lauren Burris, and David Taras to name just a few. It was a refreshing experience even though in the end, we lost the race!”


After the 2010 election, Kateff said she was approached by West Bloomfield delegate Ron Miller to start a Republican Club in West Bloomfield.


“We planned, recruited Republicans from the campaign to serve on the Board, created a name and mission, and kicked off the very first Greater West Bloomfield Republicans (GWBR) meeting in late May of 2011,” Kateff said.


“We had such great times meeting new Republicans. There was great unity at that time and it was heavenly. We were all united against the Democrats.  The GWBR went on to host several events raising funds for candidates over the years such that we were able to write campaign checks for our local candidates each election season.”


Two years ago Kateff said she felt the need to grow the region’s Republican base on a larger scale.


“I saw an opportunity in the 14th District Republican Committee.  At the last minute and with great encouragement, I decided to run for Chairwoman against the formidable and long time, well respected political activist Paul Welday. My vision was to simply do more to create energy.

I knew we could do a better job at recruiting candidates, growing our GOP base through activities, education and communications while raising funds to support candidates. There was a void that needed more attention.  I was very fortunate and won that election through the grace of the delegates from Wayne and Oakland County.”


Kateff said she has  been a Republican since as far back as she can remember. Family gatherings were spent discussing the latest political news.


She said she and her husband of 40 years, Dennis, are fortunate to have four surviving parents.


“Most weekends are spent helping and visiting our parents,” she said. They also take frequent visits to see their daughter, Megan, 27, a graduate from the University of Michigan and Texas Tech Law School.  She just celebrated her first year practicing law in Austin, Texas.


Kateff holds a B.S. degree in education and a master’s in administration from Eastern Michigan University. She successfully employed a job-hunting technique others might find useful. It was a time when teachers were a dime a dozen and she said she “luckily landed a teaching position in the Plymouth-Canton School District. My secret  was to go in through the back door. To do this, I went to the Plymouth-Canton Schools Administration Building (where I knew the schools were growing) in June after the schools were out for the summer. I waited in my car until I saw someone that looked like a principal.


“After spotting someone that looked principal-ish, I got out of my car, caught up with that person and asked ‘Is this where I apply for a teaching position?’and I hit the jackpot!  That first principal gave me his card and said ‘call me — I have a few openings’. After a few interviews, he became my principal. I taught math, social studies, language arts and industrial arts. I taught at Pioneer Middle School in Plymouth for nine years, then landed a job as elementary principal in Ypsilanti. I was pink-slipped two years later.  Then I landed a job in the Rochester Community Schools as an elementary principal. I became eligible and retired two weeks before the September 11 terrorist attack.”


In addition to her work in real estate, Kateff recently concluded a stint as deputy clerk for West Bloomfield Township.


She is proud of the achievements of the 14th District Executive Committee over the past two years.


“Our team of 25 Executive Committee members is an awesome group that has helped to steer the ship in the 14th. We are moving ahead full steam, as we enter into uncharted waters to take more Republican seats, including the U.S. Congressional seat in 2018. Team work, commitment, willingness to give of your personal time and creativity is what is continually needed to move our District forward. It is a lot of work, yet it has been very rewarding to serve as Chairwoman.”


Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County Needs Volunteers


Habitat ReStores are retail outlets that gather new and gently used donated goods from individuals, businesses, retailers, builders, distributors, and manufacturers, which are then sold to the general public.  With the cold weather upon us, Habitat has expanded its indoor volunteer options and they need volunteers.


This ReStores are open now and are looking for volunteers Wednesdays through Saturdays.   If you are interested in learning more about volunteering with Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County, or learning what items your organization can donate, please contact them via email at [email protected] or call 248-338-1843 x. 284.

Democrat Rep. Brenda Lawrence “Votes for Us” in Washington


Your Democratic 14th Congressional District U.S. Representative Brenda Lawrence has been busy in Washington, D.C.  Here is a recap of several of her recent and shocking votes.   Her role in supporting the Democrat Party line and not Michigan values can be seen very clearly here.   Her votes often are like this:  think of a logical idea/opinion and then vote the opposite way.   After considering her positions, please feel free to call her office at 202-225-5802.


  • U.S. Senate Bill 2040 to override Obama’s veto passed 348 to 77 and with Lawrence voted FOR the override.   The vetoed legislation allowed terrorism victims to file civil lawsuits against foreign states for injuries, death or damages as a result of an act of terrorism.  Plaintiff lawyers must be at work even in Detroit.
  • HB 6094 which would delay federal overtime regulations passed 246 to 177 with Lawrence voted AGAINST.  This delays implementing new overtime requirements from December 1, 2016 to July 1, 2017.  The overtime regulation requires additional private sector employees to be eligible for overtime payments.
  • HB 985 would tax concrete masonry to fund government promotion passed 355 to 38 with Lawrence voting FOR.  This imposes a tax on concrete masonry products and creates a Concrete Masonry Products Board to fund the promotion and research of concrete products.  Government at its best.
  • HB 5711 prohibits the sale of aircraft to Iran passed 243 to 174 with Lawrence voting AGAINST.  This prohibits the Treasury Department to authorize any transactions that involve export of commercial aircraft to Iran.
  • HB 5303 funded Flint water projects to the tune of $170,000,000 passed 284 to 141 with Lawrence voting FOR.  This spends that amount to repair water “infrastructure” in Flint and other communities.
  • HB 5982 would allow Congress to disapprove entire batches (versus one by one) of new regulations imposed during the final days of a president’s final term passed 240 to 179 with Lawrence voting AGAINST.




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