Michigan Laws for Michigan Citizens Resolution Approved by District Committee

Michigan Laws in Michigan Courts Bill Supported by the 14th District GOP

Resolution Calls for Passage of Michigan House Bill 4499

West Bloomfield, MI; [Immediate Release]:  The 14th Congressional District Republican Executive Committee calls for the prompt passage of Michigan House Bill 4499 which has languished in the Michigan House Committee on Law Justice since April of 2017.

“The Michigan House Law & Justice Committee has failed to take action on this vitally important legislation” said, Don Perry (West Bloomfield), Chair of the 14th District Political Action Committee.  “How could restricting Michigan courts to apply Michigan laws to Michigan citizens be the least bit controversial or in need of such lengthy consideration?”

House Bill 4499 has been stalled in the Committee, which is chaired by Representative Klint Kesto (current candidate for the U.S. House) and vice chaired by Representative Peter Lucido (current candidate for MI Senate District 8).

The Resolution approved by the 14th District Committee says, in part: 

House Bill 4499 clearly states the intent of following Michigan law in legal proceedings and requires the US Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Michigan be applied as exclusive and determinative in adjudging any, and all legal issues.

“That such a simple and clearly worded piece of legislation as House Bill 4499 could be hung up in a Michigan House Committee for over a year is disappointing,” said Perry. “Frankly, stifling such an important piece of legislation is an example of ‘the Lansing swamp’ that voters are tired of and voted to change.”  The entire Resolution may be read here http://www.14cd.com/resolution_regarding_mi_house_bill

“In this election cycle, we urge all Republican candidates and office-holders to vigorously support passage of House Bill 4499,” said Janine Kateff, 14th District Chair.  “Since office holders take an oath of office to uphold and protect the constitutional rights of the citizens of Michigan, our Committee believes that every candidate should be held to this simple standard.”