March 2019 Newsletter

In this March newsletter

  • Notable Announcements
  • Convention Recap and New 14th Committee Election Results
  • Democrat Senator Gary Peter “Votes for Us” in Washington:  
  • Opinion Column Published in The Jewish News [update]
  • Reminder About Membership
  • Trending News Links

hello_spring.gifIn this March newsletter

  • Notable Announcements
  • Convention Recap and New 14th Committee Election Results
  • Democrat Senator Gary Peter “Votes for Us” in Washington:  
  • Opinion Column Published in The Jewish News [update]
  • Reminder About Membership
  • Trending News Links

Notable Announcements

  • March 2:  Women for Trump "Trumperware Party" in Marshall at 1 p.m.; register here   
  • March 7:  Farmington Area Republicans (FAR) meeting at FH City Hall at 7 p.m. will feature Rocky Raczkowski (new Chair of OCRP) and newly elected 14th District Chair Mayra Rodriguez
  • March 11: Lakes Area Tea Party meeting at Uptown Grille (3100 E West Maple Road) at 6:30 p.m. features U of Detroit/Mercy Professor Harry Veryser explaining “What Causes Civilizations to Collapse”


  • March 12:  14th District Committee meeting starts with networking and order off the menu dinner at 6:00 p.m. with the business meeting starting at 7 p.m. at Kerby’s Coney Island, 25050 Northwestern Highway, Southfield.


  • March 18:  Oakland County Young Republicans meeting at 6:30 p.m. at Bailey’s located at 1965 Maple Road in Troy.  Program is TBD. Call Shawn at 248-978-6120 for details.
  • March 18: Oakland County Republican Party (OCRP) Executive Committee meeting at 7 p.m. in the OC Commissioner’s meeting room
  • March 19:  Eastside Republican Club meeting at the War Memorial starts at 7:30 p.m. and features Andrew G. Arena, Director of the Detroit Crime Commission, on efforts to curb human trafficking in Southeast Michigan.
  • March 19: Bloomfield Republican Women’s Club features former U.S. Representatives Mike Bishop and David Trott at The Heathers starting at 6 p.m.  Register here or call (248) 505-6270
  • March 30:  Women for Trump "Trumperware Party" at Alexander's in Marysville at 11:30 a.m.  Register here


Notice:  March 12 will be the first 14th District Committee meeting for the newly elected Executive Committee.  The meeting starts with networking and order off the menu dinner at 6:00 p.m. with the business meeting starting at 7 p.m. at Kerby’s Coney Island, 25050 Northwestern Highway, Southfield.


All Republicans are welcome to attend!

Convention Recap and New 14th Committee Election Results

The February 2019 Michigan Republican Party Convention produced few surprises in those elected to new leadership terms.  On Friday evening, each of Michigan’s 14 Congressional Districts met to elect their new leaders.

The 14th District meeting was the shortest in recent memory!   Things ran smoothly as we moved from completion of the four year term of Janine Kateff to a new chair.  Janine was presented with a gift to recognize her many contributions to making the 14th District what it is today.  

Carol Foster and Bill Rauwerdink present 14th's gift to Janine Kateff

After the festivities to celebrate Janine’s two term run, the District elected the following individuals for two year terms that began immediately:

District Officers:                                                                                   

Mayra Rodriguez (Grosse Pointe Farms) - Chair                

Don Perry (West Bloomfield) - Vice Chair                         

Fritz Beiermeister (Farmington Hills) - Treasurer            

John Daniele (Grosse Pointe Woods) - Secretary                   

 State Committee Members:

Wayne County:

Monica Palmer (Grosse Pointe Woods)

Max Wiener Grosse Pointe Park)


Oakland County:

Kelly Powell (Farmington Hills)

Kristina Karamo (Pontiac)

Robert Oestreich (Farmington Hills)

William Rauwerdink (West Bloomfield)

                                                                                              Executive Committee Members:

Jay Hackleman (Grosse Pointe Park)                             

Eugene Greenstein (Farmington Hills)                         

Wendy Acho (West Bloomfield)                                    

Linda Stulberg (Farmington Hills)                               

Lisa Papas (Grosse Pointe Woods)                                

Terry Haines (Pontiac)                                   

Bill Belcher (Farmington Hills)                                     

Terry West (Farmington Hills)                                    

Gerald Cameron (Farmington Hills)                             

Donzell Green (Detroit)                               

Walter Koppy(Detroit)                                 

Cheryl Costantino (Harper Woods)                          

Renee Strobl (Grosse Pointe Shores)                                

Jeff White (Southfield)                                     

Addis Harvey (Southfield)    

The 14th District's new Chair, Mayra Rodriguez, may be reached at [email protected].  The 14th District’s other contact information remains unchanged as follows:

email - [email protected]

Facebook -

Website -

Twitter -

On Saturday, the MRP Convention convened to elect the Party’s leadership.   Among the guest speakers was RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel who reported about the great strides being made nationally.

The Delegates voted and elected the following for statewide roles that also began immediately:

Laura Cox: Chair

Terry Bowman: Vice Chair

Administrative Vice Chair: Gerry Hildenbrand

Outreach Vice Chair: Tyrell Bundy

Grassroots Vice Chair: Marian Sheridan

Youth Vice Chair: Paul Stephens

Ethnic Vice Chair: Terris Todd

Coalitions Vice Chair: Kevin Tatulyan

These are the MRP and District leadership teams for the next two years.  Lots to do to correct what happened in 2018!!

Democrat Senator Gary Peters “Votes for Us” in Washington

Help educate Michigan voters!  In 2020, we need to re-elect President Trump and we need to defeat Michigan’s Democrat Senator Gary Peters.

Summarized below are selected issues on which OUR current Senator actually voted. Like nearly every Democrat he is clearly out of touch with most Michiganders.  He clearly is in touch with the Democrat “resist” movement.

Perhaps the word obstruction best describe Peters and the Democrats as they “work” for us?  Look at the votes and decide if he is working to advance an America first agenda or to advance something else!  

After considering his positions, please feel free to call Peter’s office in Washington, D.C. (202-224-6221) or Detroit (313-226-6020) to express your thoughts:

  • SB 109 failed 48 to 47 with Peters voting AGAINST.  This would prohibit federal funds being used to pay for abortions and prohibit abortions in federal healthcare facilities, except in cases such as rape, incest or mother’s life being in danger.  This motion was to merely allow debate!
  • SB 1 passed 70 to 26 with Peters voting FOR.  This was to oppose withdrawing American troops from Syria and Afghanistan, and to express that a “sudden withdrawal” would be a national security risk.
  • SB 1 passed 77 to 23 with Peters voting FOR.  This reauthorized military aid to Israel and Jordan.  However, it also included measures to allow state and local governments to remove investments from entities that boycott Israel.
  • Senate Motion 24 passed 54 to 45 with Peters voting AGAINST.  This was to approve William Barr to be Attorney General.
  • Joint Resolution 31 passed 83 to 16 with Peters voting FOR.  This funded the federal government through September 30, 2019 to avoid a government shutdown.  This bill includes some funding for Trump’s border wall, but not the requested amount.
  • SB 11 failed 53 to 44 with Peters voting AGAINST (and Senator Stabenow, too).  This vote is a SHOCKER.  This bill would make it a federal crime for a healthcare worker to fail to care for a child who survives an abortion.  All Democrats (and a few "Republicans" voted here for infanticide.  Sad day for America and for babies.


Opinion Column Published in The Detroit News

Republican activists are encouraged to keep the conservative voice in the media’s mailbox (if not in their coverage).   

Republican activist Ed Kohl (Farmington Hills) expressed his thoughts about the Democrat's anti-semitism "problem" in this letter to the editor which is reproduced in its entirity here: 


Regarding the February 21, 2019 Detroit News “Dems' anti-Semitism problem not going away” - 

Remember six of the seven Democratic Party presidential candidates in the U.S. Senate voted against the “The Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act (S.1) act” - a bill that would make it easier for states to oppose the “boycott, divestment, sanctions” (BDS) movement.

Kamala Harris (D-CA), Cory Booker (D-NJ), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) — all voted against the bill.

Most cited free speech concerns — though anti-BDS laws have been found not to violate free speech laws.
Last month, for example, a federal judge in Arkansas upheld that state’s anti-BDS law, which prevents the state from doing business with companies that boycott Israel.

Even left-wing California, Harris’s home state, has an anti-BDS law in force.

The bill passed 77-23, earning yeas from every Republican but one, Rand Paul of Kentucky.

Why, Nancy Pelosi is Ilhan Omar still on the House Foreign Affairs Committee ?

Why was Rashida Tlaib’s first act on her first day in Congress to cover Israel on her office map with a sign “Palestine”?

It doesn’t look like “Dems' anti-Semitism problem is going away.

Ed Kohl

Reminder About Membership

Are you a member of the Republican 14th Congressional District?  Or want to join us? You have two options to join or renew your membership:

  1. Snail mail your $25 membership check to: 14th Congressional District Treasurer c/o Fritz Beiermeister, 38241 French Pond, Farmington Hills, Mi 48331 (checks made payable to the 14th District).
  2. Online Renewal  -

Your dues and other fundraising activities support Republican candidates and organizations in the 14th Congressional District.


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