March 2018 Newsletter

In this March newsletter

  • Notable Announcements
  • A Message from the Chairwoman
  • Corey Lewandowski Speaks in Troy
  • Grant Strobl speaks at CPAC 2018
  • Letter to the Editor:  Know who is running for Governor
  • Right on 14th Podcast Advances
  • Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow “Votes for Us” in Washington
  • Special Viewing of a Documentary About Radical Islam
  • For all Echo/Alexa owners
  • Reminder About Membership
  • Trending News Links

Notable Announcements

  • March 1:  Farmington Area Republicans (FAR) meeting at FH City Hall at 7 p.m. will feature several local speakers led by Farmington Hills Mayor Ken Massey
  • March 6: Michigan Trump Republicans meeting in Sebring, Florida, so any “snow birds” interested to attend, please call 616-987-1124 for details
  • March 12: Lakes Area Tea Party meeting features MI House District 39 debate and straw poll at Emagine Theatre; candidates Berman, Kosmatka and Tatulyan confirmed
  • March 13:  14th District Republicans meeting with dinner at 6 p.m. at Kerby Coney Island features Representative Jim Runestad who is candidate for Senate (District 15)
  • March 17: Happy St. Patrick’s Day (everyone's Irish today!)
  • March 19: Michigan Trump Republicans meeting (Oakland County location TBD) begins at 6 p.m. and features Speaker of the MI House Tom Leonard (District 93), candidate for Attorney General
  • March 20:  Eastside Republican Club meeting at The War Memorial begins at 7:30 p.m. and features Hon. Thomas Cameron of the Michigan Court of Appeals
  • March 20:  Private showing of film “The Fight of Our Lives” at 7 p.m. at Dave & Busters in Utica; see details in article below
  • March 23:  Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s first campaign manager, speaks at American Polish Cultural Center in Troy starting at 5 p.m.; see details in article below or register here
  • March 25:  Michigan Jewish Action Council presents Evan Sayet “nation’s leading political comedian” at 2 p.m. in Waterford;  information and register here
  • March 29: Tigers’ Opening Day---don’t miss it.
  • March 30: First day of Passover
  • April 1:  Easter Sunday


A Message from the Chairwoman

Dear 14th District Executive Committee Members, and fellow Republicans;

Happy Passover!   This period runs from March 30 and 31 with seder and other many family traditions through April 7. Passover commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt.


Happy Easter!  April 1st. Normally, I would wait until the month of Easter to mention it, but when the April newsletter is released it will be Easter Sunday and “too late” to make this point:  Easter is so important to so many of our members that I feel the need to mention it now--Easter is to some, the highest and holiest holiday for Christians.


On February 21, a global spiritual leader passed to Heaven.  Dr. Billy Graham, went to be with God.  Dr. Graham led hundreds of millions in their spiritual journey.   He will be missed. To hear his message about “Three Things You Can Not Do Without” click here or to hear about “Choices” click here

Dr. Graham was a spiritual leader to many national leaders.  He will be missed there, too.


At our regular February Executive Committee meeting, a resolution was passed encouraging the Oakland County Party chair to increase and to not reduce the number of Precinct Delegate positions.  Many recall that two years ago, the Oakland County chair slashed the number of Delegates by over 500. That was an embarrassment as the chair’s role is to grow and strengthen the Party!  The resolution was distributed to those concerned with this issue. See the resolution here


Related to the Delegate comment above, note the PRECINCT DELEGATE DEADLINE and APPLICATION PROCESS.  Your Precinct Delegate status will expire in August 2018. If you are new candidate or want to re-run for election as a Precinct Delegate, the deadline to submit your application is Tuesday, May 8, 2018. The link below connects to the Precinct Delegate Application/ Affidavit form to print, complete, notarize and submit.


You can get your application notarized at your next 14th District meeting on March 13.  Or your can get it notarized elsewhere and then deliver to your County Clerk's office. You MUST follow up and check your Clerk’s website to make sure your name actually gets listed as a candidate within one week or so after submitting your application/affidavit.  Here is the link for the form


One last comment about resolutions passed by the 14th District.  As reported, at our January meeting our Executive Committee passed a resolution commending President Trump for his many accomplishments in just his first year.  Our 14th resolution was the foundation for a similar resolution passed at the recent MRP State Committee meeting.  Our 14th resolution can be found here  The 14th continues to lead!


Remember in November” that not a single Democrat voted to allow taxpayers to keep more of their own hard earned earnings!!  Not one! We need to remind our friends, coworkers, neighbors that Senator Debbie Stabenow joined all Democrats to vote NO to Trump’s historic tax bill. Remember in November!


All candidates are not equal. Did you know that the Democrat party is promoting a radical Islamic to be our next Governor?  Sadly many of our neighbors and friends are clueless about this. Read the Michigan Jewish Action Council excerpt below in this newsletter.  Who among us thinks Sharia law is something we could vote for?  Tell us what you think - send your emails to [email protected].   


As mentioned last last month, if we “stay home” from disappointment because a favorite candidate LOST in the GOP Governor’s August primary, then the result might be an Islamic radical becomes the leading candidate for Governor.  Really? No Sharia in the U.S.A.


March brings two very important days:

  • March 21 is the first day of SPRING; and
  • March 29 is Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers - a Detroit holiday as the Tigers take over downtown.  Wear something warm!


The ongoing corruption in Washington, D.C. becomes more clear every day.  Each day we learn another “twist” as yet another agency or federal employee (yes, they work to serve us) has undermined or is undermining President Trump or/and our Constitution.   


Fox commentator Laura Ingraham was the first high profile person to state that until federal employees and elected officials are arrested all this is “just talk”.  I am saddened and disturbed at this mess. The SWAMP runs deep!  We the people had no idea how bad it is.   We need to continue to encourage President Trump to vigorously work to end this misuse of deep state federal power.


Our forefathers’ fought a war and warned of the danger to citizens from an “all powerful government”.   Are we there?


Just think:  If Hillary had been elected we would not know any of this!


Next Regular 14th CD Meeting:  March 13, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. for dinner/networking


All Republicans are welcome to attend!


Featured Speaker - Representative Jim Runestad & candidate for MI Senate (District 15)


Will also hear about the “Paint the District Red” campaign.


Meeting will begin at 7 p.m.

Meeting location -  Kerby Coney Island - Banquet Room


25050 Northwestern Highway at Evergreen & 10 Mile

Southfield 48075



As always, ALL Republicans are welcome to attend this open meeting!  Please join us with your ideas and energy to help us grow!


Stay tuned for SPRING, Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Janine Kateff

14th District Chairwoman

email - [email protected]

Like our Facebook -

Website -

twitter -

586 917 6118


Corey Lewandowski Speaks in Troy

The Trump campaign knows how critical Michigan was and is to the their success.  


With that in mind, Corey Lewandowski returns to Michigan to speak in Metro Detroit on March 23.  The event will be at the American Polish Cultural Center beginning in Troy at 5 p.m. More information and registration details are available here


Lewandowski’s best selling book “Let Trump be Trump” will be available for purchase.  He served as Trump’s first campaign manager and now serves as a White House advisor. Trump supporters know that the road to the White House goes through Michigan. Corey will inform and entertain with a "behind the scenes" look at what really happened during the 2016 campaign and what’s ahead in 2020.  This will also kick off a 2018 Victory Tour throughout Michigan!


Grant Strobl speaks at CPAC 2018

14th District Executive Committee member Grant Strobl spoke at the just completed CPAC 2018 (  He joined an impressive list of speakers including President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Senator Ted Cruz (TX), Governor Matt Bevin (KY), Sean Hannity (FOX News) and Ben Shapiro (The Daily Wire).  Learn more here


This CPAC appearance comes just weeks after Strobl spoke at Battle Cry Michigan ( about Freedom of Speech on Campus.  Battle Cry had a capacity crowd at Soaring Eagle Casino.  Strobl also introduced Dinesh D’Souza who was the keynote speaker on Saturday.  Hear Strobl’s Battle Cry remarks here

Letter to the Editor:  Know who is Running for Governor


Republican activists are encouraged to keep the conservative voice in the media’s mailbox (if not in their coverage).  To that end, reproduced below is an excerpt from the website   Some in the Democrat party believe that a radical candidate for Governor, like Abdul El-Sayad, is someone to support.   No, mainstream voters know better! Here is the excerpt from the MJAC website:

Abdul El-Sayed and the Company He Keeps

Some would call it “guilt by association.” We call it paying attention to whom one’s associates are. Abdul El-Sayed is a Democratic candidate for governor. He recently hosted a “town hall event” featuring speakers, Linda Sarsour and Winnie Wong.

Linda Sarsour has received support from some members of the local Jewish community even though she supports Sharia Law, under which Jews, Christians, and women are second-class citizens with fewer rights and more responsibilities than Muslim men. She has declared that Zionists cannot be feminists. With her denunciations against Ayaan Hirsi Ali, we have to wonder how sincere a feminist she is.


Sarsour has called for jihad and has railed against “right-wing Zionists,” comparing these all-purpose boogey-men to white supremacists and neo-Nazis. She was “honored to be on . . . stage with Rasmea” when she shared a stage with convicted terrorist, Rasmea Odeh. She will claim to be against anti-Semitism while she spreads or downplays anti-Semitism and praises Jew killers.

All of Sarsour’s anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, and anti-women tweets, speeches, and pronouncements are all easily available on lots of Internet sites. There is no excuse for not knowing what this woman is about.

What’s troubling is knowing that some of Sarsour’s points of view are shared by Jews. Detroit Jewish News editorials by J-Street members portray “right-wing Zionists” and “right-wingers” as scary monsters; people we should be afraid of since they don’t espouse current “progressive” values. Some of Sarsour’s Jewish supporters have admitted being troubled by some of Sarsour’s statements. Yet they continue to place their politics ahead of their Judaism, excusing blatant anti-Semitism because of agreement on abortion or raising the minimum wage. When has that ever been good for the Jewish community?

Whatever your politics are, remember that Jew-hatred is stronger than politics. It exists on both sides of the political aisle. Wishful thinking and naiveté will not change that. If one of your complaints against Donald Trump is that he is divisive and he encourages a climate of hatred and racism, you’d better take a good hard look at Linda Sarsour. Then ask yourself if Abdul El-Sayed, a candidate she is campaigning for, is the best one for you, your children and our Jewish community.


Right on 14th Podcast Advances


When Kristina Karamo was in high school, she took a debate class right after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In was in that class that she says she realized how most  people were being lied to by omission.


“I had a classmate who had friends in the Israeli Defense Force,” Karamo recalls. “She talked about how the media would lie on Israel and cover for the Palestinians — how they used humans, especially children, as shields.”


Karamo was assigned the debate topic of weapons of mass destruction; she was to argue in their favor. She quoted Osama bin Laden as saying WMDs wouldn’t stop Muslims from killing every Christian, Jew, American and European.


“It was like the Democrats were completely unwilling to admit that there is a religious battle happening,” she says.  “And radical Islam was determined to kill everyone who wouldn’t submit to their vision. Also, the media was so obviously dishonest. It made me realize something bigger was going on.”


Karamo is now in a position to do something about how issues are framed. With Mike Parr, she is co-host of the new weekly podcast Right on 14th.


The one-hour production takes on the great partisan issues of the day, presenting the conservative or Republican point of view.

               Kris and Mike in their broadcast studio

The podcast is recorded from 7 to 8 p.m. every Wednesday, in a studio at a company called Podcast Detroit.


“While in the studio the podcast is livestreamed to their website and gets almost no traffic there,” Parr says.  “Simultaneously, we Facebook livestream it for people to watch. It is also recorded at that time. After the recording is over our audio engineer or the Podcast Detroit owner goes through and cleans up the audio (trims out any weird points, trims off both ends when we start and finish, etc.) and then publishes it to many podcasting mediums like iTunes, GooglePlay, Soundcloud, etc. The recorded show is generally released on Fridays.”


Topics covered so far have included descriptions of the 14th Congressional District, what it means to be a Republican, the lack of accountability in government programs, immigration, the race for Michigan governor, Michigan’s school system and fake news.


“Ideally, our target audience is people in the political center who could be convinced to come right, whether that's just for voting or to actually join the party,” Parr says. “I feel like as we get more comfortable with the show, we'll be better able to target the types of conversations to draw people in and convince them of conservative ideas.”

Research for the podcasts so far as been done on an interest-based level, Parr says.


“If Kris finds something she wants to talk about she'll do the majority of the research, I'll do some and then ask her questions about it,” Parr says. “And of course vice versa.”


“We're trying to stay local with our topics,  though it can be hard at times to ignore everything that's happening on a national level,” Parr said.


Is it possible Karamo and Parr will run out of topics?


“I’m not especially concerned with running out of things to talk about, especially from now until the elections in November,” Parr says.


Possible future topics include right-to-work, sanctuary cities,  medical marijuana, auto insurance reform, state and local election contests, revitalization of downtown Detroit, Sharia law in the states and net neutrality.


As for the future, Parr says he and Karamo have not yet pushed social media,  “but I think it's time. I really wanted us to get established and confident before we began pushing social media, simply because I didn't want a half-polished show to be people's first taste of us. But now that we're 90 percent, I'd feel comfortable paying money to advertise on platforms like Facebook to get more publicity.”


Also, Parr said he and Karamo would love to have guests on the show, and are currently talking with 14th District GOP Chairwoman Janine Kateff on how to go about doing that.  


“From an income standpoint, a mutual publicity standpoint and from an interest standpoint I think it'd be great for the show,” Parr says.


Parr, 28, lives in Southfield with Kelly, his girlfriend of many years.   He holds a degree in material science engineering from Michigan State University and works for Ford Motor Co. as a product development engineer.  He is an elected member of the 14th District’s Executive Committee.


Karamo, 32, a resident of Pontiac,  graduated from Oakland University and is  currently a faculty member at Wayne County Community College.  She has “two daughters that I love very much. They are my biggest motivator to work towards making America a wonderful place to live. What motivates me above all else is that I want to live a life not afraid to meet God. I want Him to be proud of me, for helping to make the life of my fellow man better.”


“American politics and world affairs have been an interest of mine from a very young age,” Karamo says.  “Anything that affects a person’s life, that person should be involved with. The conservative vision empowers all Americans. I hope Right on 14th will encourage listeners in the Congressional District and Michigan to share this sentiment.”


To access the archived Right on 14th podcasts, go to  To watch live go to Facebook or like the podcast on Twitter at

Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow “Votes for Us” in Washington

Michigan will elect a U.S. Senator in 2018.  


Let that sink in.  We have a chance to alter the direction of the USA.


To help educate Michigan voters, the 14th District Monthly newsletter summarizes selected issues on which OUR current Senator actually voted.  In November 2018, informed citizens will decide if she votes for US or for a Democrat party that is completely out of touch with citizens.


Of course, President Trump already helped us see that the problem is, in fact, out of touch politicians. Does the word obstruction best describe her “work” for us?  Look at her votes and decide if she is working to advance America or to advance something else!  


After considering her positions, please feel free to call her office at 202-224-4822 to express your thoughts:


  • HB 1 passed 52 to 48 with Stabenow voting AGAINST.  This would allow to Senate to begin consideration of federal tax reform.   Hello Debbie, why would you possibly be against consideration of a tax bill?  Oh, yeah, you think no one is watching.  GOT IT.
  • HB 1 (Cruz Amendment) passed 50 to 50 with Stabenow voting AGAINST.  This would allow 529 education savings plans to be used for certain elementary and secondary education expenses, including those for home-schooling.  Memo to Stabenow: homeschooling is ok.
  • HB 1 passed 51 to 49 with Stabenow voting AGAINST.  This bill reduces tax rates and eliminates some deductions.   This one vote likely put the Dow Jones average at 26,000.
  • Senate Motion 305 passed 62 to 37 with Stabenow voting AGAINST.  This was to approve Kirstjen Nielsen as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. No Trump appointee is “good enough” to serve the people.  Hmmm………..
  • House Resolution 1 passed 51 to 48 with Stabenow voting AGAINST.   This was to reduce federal tax rates and eliminate some deductions.  Another vote AGAINST a tax reduction.  GO DEBBIE.
  • Senate Resolution 313 passed 50 to 48 with Stabenow voting AGAINST.  This was to approve Leonard Grasz as a federal judge for the Eighth Judicial Circuit.   Apparently Debbie likes NO ONE for the federal court.
  • Senate Resolution 315 passed 50 to 47 with Stabenow voting (shocker) AGAINST.  This was to approve Don Willett as a federal judge for the Fifth Judicial Circuit.  
  • Senate Resolution 317 passed 53 to 43 with Stabenow voting AGAINST. This was to approve James Ho as a federal judge in for the FIfth Judicial Circuit.  Apparently, the FIfth Circuit must have some really, really high standards that Debbie is defending.

Special Viewing of a Documentary About Radical Islam

The Fight of Our Lives - Defeating the Ideological War Against the West is an eye opening and  hard-hitting new documentary film produced by Gloria Z. Greenfield (  The just released documentary will be shown in a private screening on March 20 at a regular meeting of SE MIchigan Tea Party.  The meeting starts at 7 p.m. at Dave & Busters 45511 Park Ave. Utica, 48315.


This private viewing is complementary and advance registration is NOT required. Order off the menu for food and a cash bar will be available.


“This exceptional documentary examines the internal and external threats facing the West,” said Gary Kubiac, president of SE Michigan Tea Party. “The 66-minute film was just released and we are pleased to have this unique opportunity to view this documentary.”


Watch the film’s trailer here

For all Echo/Alexa owners

An electronic tool that has swept into popular use is the Amazon Echo.  It uses the Alexa voice control feature. Alexa allows users to handle many routine tasks (e.g., create a shopping list, play music, connect with thousands of smart home devices, etc.) simply by speaking the instruction.  Many are using Alexa every day!


However, for users (of a certain age) the experience is not “perfect”.   Hope you enjoy this video which highlights a few of the problems


Reminder About Membership

Are you a member of the Republican 14th Congressional District?  Or want to join us? You have two options to join or renew your membership:


  1. Snail mail your $25 membership check to c/o 14th District, 2630 Birch Harbor Lane, West Bloomfield, MI. 48324 (checks made payable to the 14th District).

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