Kateff Disagrees with March 14 Student Walk Out

District Chairwoman Disagrees with March 14 School Walk Out

Former Principal Endorses YAF Program Rather than a National Walk Out

West Bloomfield, MI [Immediate Release]: Two time elected Chairwoman of the 14th District Republican Committee made strong comments regarding the national student walk out scheduled for March 14, 2018. Janine Kateff, former school principal in Rochester Hills and Ypsilanti, says that the planned national student walk out will not add anything to the debate about school safety.   Rather, it is a protest of the legal ownership of guns, a right set out in our Constitution.

“This ‘protest’ organized by a national radical group of adults—not by a local group of high school students—is designed to restrict one of America’s basic freedoms,” said Kateff. “An anti-gun ownership event, held during normal school hours and using taxpayer resources, is a misuse of taxpayer dollars. Worse, it is a disservice to our students. Rather than only offering one sided rhetoric, school administrators should use programs such as Young American’s for Freedom is proposing. YAF’s program will educate students about their gun rights.”

Hear her interview about the national march which was broadcast on WJR (Radio 760 AM) at this link https://audioboom.com/posts/6718764-former-rochester-schools-principal-jeanine-kateff-who-s-now-the-elected-chairwoman-of-michigan-s-14th-district-tells-frank-beckmann-that-student-s-shouldn-t-participate-in-the-national-school-walkout-day-3-12-18

District Executive Committee member Grant Strobl (Grosse Pointe Shores) and National Chair of the YAF has announced two new programs to address high school students across the U.S.A.

“First, for any school participating in a walk out or similar program that interrupts instructional time, Young America’s Foundation will help students host a lecture during an all-school assembly on gun safety and the importance of the Second Amendment, said Strobl. “If schools use taxpayer-funded instructional time for political purposes to oppose a God-given freedom, it is only fair to provide an opportunity for an alternative educational lecture on gun safety and the Second Amendment.”

“Second, Young Americans for Freedom will help students petition their administrators to permit school personnel to arm themselves, said Strobl.” Learn more about these programs here https://www.yaf.org/news/yaf-announces-new-student-initiatives-to-promote-second-amendment-freedoms-on-high-school-campuses/

High school students, parents, or administrators interested in taking advantage of these initiatives should contact Young America’s Foundation via email: [email protected] or by calling YAF’s Freedom Hotline at 1-800-USA-1776.

Strobl is a frequent speaker on campuses across the country. Learn more here http://www.yaf.org/staff/grant-strobl/ He attends the University of Michigan where he majors in International Studies and Political Science, with a minor in German. He is expected to graduate with the class of 2018 and then enter law school at the University of Notre Dame. He is also a two time elected member of the 14th District Republican Congressional Executive Committee.

“Grant is using his YAF leadership position to bring practical solutions to campuses,” said Kateff. “This national March 14th walk out by high school students will not help anyone. The two YAF programs, launched by Grant, will help students understand their Constitutional right to self-protection and will help students understand their role. This walk out ‘protest’ does neither.”