Karamo Endorsed for Secretary of State

Karamo Endorsed in Secretary of State Campaign

First Michigan Congressional District to Endorse

West Bloomfield, MI [Immediate Release]:  The 14th Congressional District Republican Executive Committee endorsed Kristina Karamo (Oak Park, MI) in her campaign to become Michigan’s next Secretary of State.  

“In 2022, Michigan’s voters will make a choice between accepting continued voting irregularities or demand real change,” said Bill Rauwerdink, 14th District Chair.  “Our Executive Committee endorsed Kristina Karamo as they believe she will be Michigan’s best chance to improve election integrity.”

Learn more about Karamo’s populist, America First movement to restore integrity to the Michigan Department of State at www.kristinakaramo.com

Karamo made the following statement: “It is my honor to be endorsed by the 14th Executive Committee for the office of Michigan Secretary of State.  I’m running for this office not as a politician, but as a servant-leader. The Government should work for the People, not the other way around.

“Right now, while many of Michigan’s elected officials fight over political and personal agendas, Michigan’s election system remains unsecured and vulnerable. This presents a security risk for our nation and our state. 

“As your next Secretary of State, my first and highest priority will be to ensure that our election systems operate under the rule of law. Period. It’s time to get back to business in Michigan. We must secure Michigan’s elections, open up the Secretary of State branches and streamline the government,” concluded Karamo.

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