July 2017 Newsletter


In this July newsletter:

  • A Message from the Chairwoman

  • Notable Announcements

  • Michigan Trump Republicans Events to be Held Statewide

  • District Committeeman Profile: Gerald Cameron

  • Young Enters the Senate Campaign

  • Detroit:  Fifty Years Later

  • Stabenow “Stone Walls” Federal Judge Confirmation

  • Democrat Senator Stabenow “Votes for Us” in Washington

  • 14th District Committee Updates

  • Trending News Links

  • Reminder About Membership



Can’t let this happen in the Michigan GOP!

A Message from the Chairwoman

Dear 14th District Executive Committee Members, and fellow Republicans;



SAVE THE DATE - Sunday, September 10 - 1- 4:00 p.m.


Fabulous 14th District Fundraiser on Lake St. Clair with U.S. Senate candidate Michigan Chief Justice Bob Young and more!



Please hold this date for our first ever 14th District summer picnic fundraiser.  Carol Foster, chair of the Fundraising Committee, has secured Patterson Park and its Lindell Lodge in Grosse Pointe Park for the fabulous picnic fundraiser location. HOLD THE DATE and details will follow!  Check out pictures of the location here  https://www.facebook.com/mi14gop/posts/1135121773258611  


Michigan summer.  Can it be beat?  With the celebration of our Independence Day now just hours away, I am thinking about how should all feel so fortunate to be citizens of the U.S.A!   Break out those flip flops, get to a beautiful Michigan beach (you know we have the longest freshwater coastline in the world), fire up the BBQ and enjoy Pure Michigan.  Enjoy the country’s July 4th celebration!

We need a new U.S. Senator from Michigan.  Senator Debbie Stabenow has decided to “resist” the will of we the people!  She is denying the confirmation hearing process even start to get our Michigan Supreme Court Justice Joan Larsen to a federal judgeship. In 2018, we can unelect Stabenow.  Until then, read the article below to learn what to do NOW to tell her loud and clear that we do not appreciate her playing politics with our and Joan’s future!  Even “sometime - conservative” Nolan Finley has seen enough of Stabenow. http://www.detroitnews.com/story/opinion/columnists/nolan-finley/2017/06/15/joan-larsen-confirmation/102903754/


From time to time, a GOP friend and patriot falls on hard times.  We are all blessed and yet each of us is just a bad break or two away from being in need.  For years I have thought that the 14th District should have a cash in the bank fund so we could be ready to lend a helping hand when needed.  That time is now.  Because we have a Republican in need right now, plans are underway to start a special account to raise cash to help fellow 14th District Republicans in their moment of need. As I write this - the account is a work in progress. I am investigating the best way to do it. We have long time, dedicated GOPers in the 14th who could use a hand from us their friends.  Keep in mind a Bible verse that is on point which is James 2:15-16 or check that out here http://biblehub.com/niv/james/2.htm   I will be emailing you more on this soon.  Help out if you can.


Two resolutions will be coming soon to the 14th Republican Executive Committee from our Political Action Committee, which is chaired by Don Perry.  The first resolution is designed to support Michigan House Bill 4499 “American Laws in American Courts” and the second supports a STAY (i.e., temporary hold) on the deportation of Chaldean Christians without good cause. We simply can not send Christians to a country where Iraqi Christian genocide has been occurring for years. The Executive Committee will be asked to support each of these resolutions in a future.  Call me or Don Perry if you have questions or input as the resolutions are drafted..


Support our very own Marc Corcoran as he campaigns for Michigan House District 1. The seat was recently vacated by Brian Banks, who resigned the seat after being convicted of bank fraud earlier this year. Thanks to precinct delegate Marc Corcoran stepping up, we have a Republican on the special election ballot. The special election primary will be held August 8, 2017 and the general election will be held November 7, 2017.  Yes the dates are THIS YEAR.  Please send Marc a check for fliers and signs. Make check payable to “Elect Marc Corcoran 2017” and mail to 2134 Fleetwood, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI. 48236. You can reach Marc at
734 777 8515


Again this year, Farmington Area Republicans (FAR) will walk in the huge Farmington Founders’ Day Parade.  FAR’s parade unit will feature three (President Trump shade of) RED CARS and a FAR banner.  Go on Saturday July 22 for some family fun!   FAR needs as many Republicans as possible to help hand out merchandise with the FAR name on it.  

The parade line up begins at 9:30 a.m. and the parade starts at 11:00 a.m. I am told by FAR leaders that they hope to line up behind the large Congressman David Trott group.  Learn more from Terry West, event coordinator for FAR,  at [email protected] or at [email protected].  Or better yet just show up and walk!


We have encouraged our Executive Committee members and other Republicans to strengthen the communication of conservative ideas by taking action to reach out the media.  Call talk shows, write letters to the editor and submit op-ed pieces.  With that in mind, Committeeman Grant Strobl has again written about free speech on the college campus and his thoughts have been picked up in several Michigan and national media outlets.  Grant’s column appeared in Real Clear Politics https://www.realclearpolitics.com/2017/06/20/since_trump039s_election_targeting_of_conservatives_has_spiked_413467.html, Indepentent Journal Review http://ijr.com/opinion/2017/06/266063-yaf-number-conservative-events-disrupted-protestors-tripled-since-trumps-election/ and others.  Go Grant and I hope others do the same thing!  Express yourself!



Next Event - Sunday, September 10, from 1-4 a “Fabulous Fundraiser on Lake St. Clair” with Justice Bob Young, candidate for US Senate a confirmed speaker.






All Republicans are welcome to attend this open meeting on September!  Please join us with your ideas, energy and help us grow!  If you’d like an update about our committee work, please contact me directly.

Warmest Regards,


Janine Kateff

14th District Chairwoman

email - [email protected]

Like us on Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/mi14gop

Website - 14cd.com

twitter -  https://twitter.com/

586 917 6118

Notable Announcements

  • No July or August meeting of the 14th District Republican Committee

  • July 4:  Local celebrations in our area; check it out many of the options here  http://www.metroparent.com/daily/family-fun/family-events/fourth-july-fireworks-events-southeast-michigan/

  • July 10:  Michigan Trump Republicans meeting begins at 6 p.m at the IHOP at 43317 Grand River Road, Novi; read more in the article below for more dates and locations

  • July 17:  Oakland County Young Republicans meeting features Lt. Governor Brian Calley starting at 6:30 p.m. at BlackFinn in Royal Oak.  Call Shawn at 248-978-6120 for details.

  • July 22:  Founders’ Day Parade in Farmington features FAR members and Congressman David Trott; learn more here http://foundersfestival.com/

  • July 24:  Michigan Trump Republicans meeting begins at 6 p.m at Duggan’s Irish Pub,  at 31501 Woodward in Royal Oak; read more in the article below for more dates and locations


Michigan Trump Republicans Events to be Held Statewide

FullSizeR (8).jpg

Michigan Trump Republicans was formed to combat the daily “hammering” that our President receives from the mainstream media (a/k/a FAKE NEWS), from the Democratic “resistance” movement, and even from some Republicans.

Members of MTR work directly with the White House Office of Political Affairs to hear the “inside White House story”. Updates are received from senior staffers like Kellyanne Conway, the Director of the OMB and others.  These high ranking staffers know that Trump needs our support NOW to combat the bashing.  MTR states it has some simple goals:.


  1. Arm GOP activists with the truth and the facts directly from the White House.

  2. Protect President Trump for the 2020 election here in Michigan.

  3. Keep the MAGA energy alive in Michigan!


To help Trump supporters to do these few things, MTR announced a statewide Michigan Trump Republicans Tour!  The scheduled stops, which will be from 6 to 7 p.m. at each location,  as of the date of this newsletter are:


  • July 6 County Administration Building, 1101 Beach Street, Flint

  • July 10 IHOP at 43317 Grand River Road, Novi  

  • July 24 Duggan’s Irish Pub at 31501 Woodward, Royal Oak

  • July 27 Kool Community Center at 200 W. Michigan Avenue, Battle Creek

  • August 7 Fricano’s Pizza at 1060 W Western Ave, Muskegon

  • August 8 Dave & Amy’s at 9595 Highland Ave, White Lake

  • August 14 The Palazzo Grande at 54660 Van Dyke, Shelby Township

  • August 21 Yoberosa at 2143 Grosebeck Avenue, Hesperia


Finally, we have a President delivering on his campaign promises!  Now we need to play our role to help him and our country!  If you can, please attend any (or all) of the events listed.  MTR says “bring fellow Trump supporters! You will learn coveted information and the most effective strategies to become politically feared!”


Each event is FREE and will have complimentary food (while it lasts).  Learn more at the MTR website http://www.michigantrumprepublicans.com/home.html

and get up to the minute event information at https://www.facebook.com/groups/michigantrumprepublicans/


District Committeeman Profile: Gerald Cameron

Since 1993, Gerald Cameron has compiled voting records for every member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Using Excel, he categorizes their votes by issue. The spreadsheet goes 15 columns out and 310,000 rows deep.


He gathers data from hundreds of different sources, including the Library of Congress, and 75 special interest groups ranging from the National Rifle Association to Planned Parenthood.

“I’ve looked at thousands of their votes,” Cameron said.JerryCameron-Granddaughter.jpeg


As a result, he can tell you, based on their voting records, that his favorite Congressmen are Trent Franks of Arizona’s 8th District, Jim Jordan from Ohio’s 4th District and Jeff Duncan of South Carolina’s 3rd District — none of whom are exactly household names here in Oakland County’s 14th Congressional District.


All three, by the way, are members of the House Freedom Caucus, a group of the chamber’s more conservative members.


As a result of his study, Cameron can also tell us firsthand that “Our nation is at risk.  We face as great a threat from progressivism as from ISIS. Progressivism is just a polite way of saying totalitarianism.”



For instance Obamacare is not about health care, but all about government control, he said.


Cameron said it’s as if the dark forces he read about in comic books as a kid “are becoming reality today.”

His research has led him to distinguish between liberals and progressives. He describes progressives as weak on sovereignty and the Constitution, pro-United Nations, in favor of progressive taxation on income — “way off the deep end toward confiscation.” The also believe in globalism and an unlimited carbon tax to combat man made climate change.


Now 65,  Cameron said he has always viewed himself as an American first, above being a conservative and Republican. Leaning conservative since the days of Barry Goldwater, he visited Goldwater’s local campaign office in his hometown of Adrian quite often. In high school he was politically active, holding class offices and for two years he represented his high school at his city's club for Business and Government leaders. He had weekly contact with Congressmen Wes Vivian (D), Marvin Esch (R) and Ed Hutchinson (R), as well as then-House Minority Leader Gerald Ford (R).


As an adult he has always voted, regarding it as a vital duty of all citizens. In 2010 he formally joined the GOP when he ran for precinct delegate.


“I ran for my grandkids,” Cameron said.


Prior to 2010 Cameron worked on the campaigns of several Michigan Congressional seats, U.S. Senator Spence Abraham and Mitt Romney. In 2010 he worked over 1,000 hours on Rocky Raczkowski' s Congressional campaign. In 2012 he branched out, working on Republican Congressional campaigns in Alabama, California and Pennsylvania and several others around the nation. Locally he was the ground strategy coordinator for Bruce Lilley's Michigan House campaign and also worked on the Mitt Romney for President campaign.


Cameron has been a GOP State Delegate since 2011. In 2014 he was elected to the Oakland County Republican Party  Executive Committee. And in 2017 he was elected to the Michigan 14th Congressional District Executive Committee and where he serves on the Political Action Committee. Since 2010 he said he has walked his precinct as many as four times for each election. He is also active in contacting Congressmen to get them to co-sponsor important bills so that the bills may be more quickly brought to the full committee for a vote.

Cameron believes that an essential first component in growing the GOP is having strong conservative principles and a faith in God.


“Without those, our efforts will fall short,” he said. “They lay the foundation for activism on issues, solutions, and for patriotic candidates. While Republicans can vary on issues and solutions, we must stay relatively uniform on principles. From there we should participate in our community and the political process, leading by example, and by stay informed on the issues and the candidates.


These issues include free speech, which he said has been so diminished at the University of Michigan that he has considered no longer being a Michigan football fan after 60 years.


“Our current mess is the responsibility of both parties,” he said. “I want to clean up my own party.”


Cameron’s education includes Western Michigan (B.B.A., accounting), Eastern Michigan (M.B.A.), and Walsh College (M.S., international finance) and (M.S., financial planning, both Summa Cum Laude). Now retired, his career included becoming a certified public accountant and holding positions with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, a Masco subsidiary, ITT, and Mike Ilitch. He also worked as a consultant for Shopzeus, McKesson Corporation, the American Red Cross and others.


He lives in Farmington Hills with wife Amelia. They have two children and two grandchildren.


Young Enters the Senate Campaign

Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Robert Young, Jr. says he's running for U.S. Senate in 2018.  Lena Epstein previously announced her campaign launch.


Young says he'll seek the Republican nomination to defeat Sen. Debbie Stabenow.  Read the next two articles in this newsletter to see what she is up to in D.C.  He disclosed his plans earlier in June at a meeting of local Republicans in Midland.Robert%20Young%20(1).jpg

The Midland Daily News  quoted Young as saying Stabenow "loves government more than she loves us."  He describes himself as a black, conservative Republican and says those words are "almost never spoken in the English language."


Young says Detroit and Flint were "proud, self-reliant communities" damaged by liberal government.  The 66-year-old Young was on the Michigan Supreme Court for 18 years, including six as Chief Justice.


Detroit:  Fifty Years Later

What happened in Detroit in late July of 1967?

As Detroit and Detroiters recognize the fifty years since our City’s deadliest “public disorder”, it remains a situation where people are likely to disagree as to what, exactly, happened.

Much has already been recently written about the “1967 riots”, with a movie about the topic scheduled to be released in just days.  Learn more about that movie here http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20170625/OPINION01/170629937/detroit-should-have-response-to-67-hype.  

Learn more about those weeks in July 1967 here https://m.metrotimes.com/the-scene/archives/2017/06/22/why-the-detroit-historical-museums-new-1967-exhibit-needs-to-be-seen.  

Also the Detroit Historical Museum has a special exhibit addressing the “disorder” which will run this summer.  Learn more about that exhibit here detroithistorical.org  

We can not escape our past, but it also can not define our future.  Stay informed.


Stabenow “Stone Walls” Federal Judge Confirmation

Senator Debbie Stabenow is at it again.

Rather than to represent her constituents in Michigan, Stabenow is instead siding with her liberal Democrat Party leaders. Michigan Supreme Court Justice Joan Larsen has been nominated by President Trump to serve on the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Larsen was elected to Michigan’s Supreme Court when she received nearly 2 million votes in the 2016 election.  That is nearly twice the number of votes as the next highest judicial candidate!  Larsen has been praised as a Rule-of-Law justice from both conservative and liberal organizations. She received a “well-qualified” rating from the American Bar Association, the highest recommendation. Yet, Stabenow refuses to allow Justice Larsen’s confirmation process to even start!MI Justices at MIGOP mtg 2015.jpg

Tell Stabenow that she is out of touch with Michiganders by:

  • Contact Senator Stabenow at 202-224-4822 and remind her that she is supposed to represent the citizens of Michigan and we do not appreciate her playing politics.

  • Write a letter to the editor for your local paper and call into your local talk radio program.

If you think the Larsen “stone wall” is a one off situation, keep reading below.  Stabenow has one thing on her Democrat mind and that is to resist the President’s actions.  She is part of the obstruction that President Trump talks about.


Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow “Votes for Us” in Washington


Michigan will elect a U.S. Senator in 2018.  To help educate Michigan voters, the 14th District Monthly newsletter will summarize selected issues on which OUR current Senator actually voted.  In November 2018, informed citizens will decide if she votes for US or for a Democrat party line that is out of touch with citizens.  Of course, President Trump already helped us see the problem is, in fact, out of touch politicians.  After considering her positions, please feel free to call her office at 202-224-4822 to express your thoughts:

  • Senate Motion 116 passed 60 to 38 with Stabenow voting AGAINST.  This motion was to confirm Richard Acosta as Secretary of Labor.

  • Senate Motion 124 passed 57 to 42 with Stabenow voting AGAINST.  This motion was to confirm Scott Gottlieb as Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration.

  • Senate Motion 129 passed 56 to 42 with Stabenow voting AGAINST.   This motion was to confirm Jeffrey Rosen as Deputy Transportation Secretary.  (N.B. When one votes against a deputy anything one may conclude the voter is just obstructing progress.)

  • Senate Motion 131 passed 52 to 46 with Stabenow voting AGAINST.  This motion was to confirm Rachel Brand as Associate Attorney General.  (Previous N.B. applies to Associate anythings, too.)

  • Senate Motion 133 passed 82 to 13 with Stabenow (apparently out of habit) voting AGAINST.  This motion was to confirm Terry Branstad as Ambassador to China.  Branstad was Governor of Iowa.  Maybe Stabenow dislikes Iowa.

  • Senate Motion 131 passed 67 to 33 with Stabenow voting AGAINST.  This motion was to confirm Courtney Elwood as General Counsel of the CIA.

  • Senate Motion 137 passed 52 to 44 with Stabenow voting AGAINST.  This motion was to confirm Amul Thapar as a Circuit Court Judge.

  • Senate Resolution 42 failed 47 to 53 with Stabenow voting FOR.  This resolution was to disapprove of the arms sale to Saudi Arabia.

Anyone notice a trend in Stabenow’s voting, if so please let her know.


14th District Committee Updates


Our two year work cycle for the 14th District kicked of with the formation of five committees. The 14th leadership team selected these areas of focus and here is a brief update about the goings on of each committee:

Fundraising (Chair: Carol Foster)

  • Committee members include Aaron Tobin, Christina Barr, Matt & Tina Seely, Bill Rauwerdink, Cheryl Costantino.

  • Committee has three goals:

    • Raise $10,000 in 2017 through fundraisers, sponsors, silent auctions and donations for the purpose of supporting 2018 Republican Candidates

    • Host a picnic fundraiser on Lake St.Clair with U.S. Senate Candidate Justice Bob Young, which is now scheduled for September 10

    • Host a Christmas/Hanukkah event/fundraiser which is now scheduled for December 14 at the Royal Oak Elks Club

Skill Development (Chair: Ken Chadwell)

  • Committee members include John Chouinard, Bill Belcher, Mayra Rodrigues, Fritz Beiermeister, John Zupanc, Daryle Houston, and John Palffy.

  • Goals include:

    • Recruiting speakers, new precinct delegates, and persons who could fill open Gubernatorial board appointed seats before end of Governor Snyder's term

    • Participating in joint events with other Republican groups in the 14th CD.


Elections (Chair: Robert Oestreich)

  • Committee members include Tom Isaacs, Jamie Webb, Ed Rennell and Terry Poplawski   

  • Goals include:

    • Recruit precinct delegates in the 14th CD (with Skill Development Committee)

    • Train precinct delegates either by coordinating with Republican clubs and/or


  • Identify, recruit, and promote GOP candidates,

  • Compile and share a list of Open Seats in Oakland and Wayne Counties

  • Support candidates (post primary) by recruiting volunteers for campaigns

Grow the Party (Chair: Michael Parr)

The Outreach Committee is working on several strategies including:

  • Reaching out to the Hispanic Community in downtown Detroit, especially on issues of Traditional Family Values.

  • Reaching out to the African American community in Detroit on a wide variety of issues.

  • Reaching out to various local colleges, especially on issues of First Amendment Rights.

  • Starting a podcast to discuss local issues with local Conservatives AND Liberals

    • So far the 14th Democrats have been completely unresponsive to this idea

    • If anyone knows Democrats/liberals that are interested in civil discussion, please let me know.  (Thanks to Kristina for coming up with and supporting this idea)

  • Supporting local candidates in their races.

Political Action (Chair: Don Perry)

Political Action Committee is focused on five issues.

  • American Laws for American Courts (Michigan HB 4499)

  • Getting a temporary halt of the deportation of Chaldean Christians

  • Locating pro and con speakers relating to the first two items above at the meeting where these topics would be on the 14th’s agenda

  • Creating resolutions for 14th District Executive Committee consideration regarding HB 4499 and the temporary deportation halt.  If the 14th Committee approval is voted, such resolutions would be sent to the MIGOP State Policy Committee (Janine serve's on this Committee) for that group’s August/ September meeting.  If approved by the 14th, the resolutions would also be sent to Michigan’s other 13 District Chairs for their consideration, with a joint letter to Michigan legislators and the Governor a possibility.

  • Attend legislative sessions  (Example: Committee members went to a legislative hearing about HB 4499 in Lansing in May and spoke with legislators.  Plans are to attend one hearing a week when the fall session starts)   


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Reminder About Membership

Are you a member of the Republican 14th Congressional District?  Member of the Republican Committee? Snail Mail your $25 membership check to Treasurer Chris Konja, 6575 Stonebridge E., West Bloomfield, MI. 48324.(payable to the 14th District)

Or you can become a member or renew your membership online -https://mi14gop.nationbuilder.com/donation. Your dues and other fundraising activities support Republican candidates and organizations in the 14th Congressional District.