February 2019 Newsletter

In this February newsletter

  • Notable Announcements
  • A Message from the Chairwoman
  • Republican Convention Update
  • New Democrat Secretary of State “Cuts Deal”
  • Democrat Rep. Brenda Lawrence “Votes for Us” in Washington
  • Rep. Brenda Lawrence “Shutdown” Update
  • Janine Kateff Profile:  District Chairwoman Restores 14th District
  • Opinion Column Published in The Jewish News
  • Reminder About Membership
  • Trending News Link


In this February newsletter

  • Notable Announcements
  • A Message from the Chairwoman
  • Republican Convention Update
  • New Democrat Secretary of State “Cuts Deal”
  • Democrat Rep. Brenda Lawrence “Votes for Us” in Washington
  • Rep. Brenda Lawrence “Shutdown” Update
  • Janine Kateff Profile:  District Chairwoman Restores 14th District
  • Opinion Column Published in The Jewish News
  • Reminder About Membership
  • Trending News Links

Notable Announcements

  • February 1:  Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie speak in Dearborn TONIGHT.  Tickets may be purchased here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/corey-lewandowski-and-david-bossie-tickets-53270203613
  • February 4:  Women for Trump meeting begins at noon at Rose’s Restaurant; register here  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/women-for-trump-tickets-55128593106
  • February 4:  MJAC presents the “Politicization of Anti-Semitism” by Rabbi Yaakov Menken at 7 p.m.; register here https://www.michiganjewishactioncouncil.org/events-1/politicization-of-anti-semitism
  • February 5:  President Trump’s State of the Union Address
  • February 5:  (Note date change) Farmington Area Republicans (FAR) meeting at FH City Hall at 7 p.m. will feature Gina Barr, candidate for MRP Party chair and candidates for various MRP Vice Chair positions
  • February 6:  Birmingham Republican Women's Club at The Village Club located at 190 East Long Lake Road, Bloomfield Hills features “On the Campaign Trail: Women in Politics” with candidates Epstein, Land and Stearns; learn more here http://www.birminghamrwc.org/calendar.html
  • February 7: County Conventions to elect delegates to the MRP State Convention
  • February 11: Lakes Area Tea Party meeting at Uptown Grille (3100 E West Maple Road) at 6:30 p.m. with the program TBA
  • February 12:  Governor Whitmer’s State of the State address
  • February 14:  Happy Valentines Day (don't forget your special person!)
  • February 16:  Women for Trump meeting begins at 11:30 a.m. at Zehnder’s Restaurant; register here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/michigan-women-for-trump-tickets-54948047088?aff=efbeventtix
  • February 18:  Oakland County Young Republicans meeting at 6:30 p.m. at Bailey’s located at 1965 Maple Road in Troy. Call Shawn at 248-978-6120 for details.
  • February 19:  Eastside Republican Club meeting at the War Memorial starts at 7:30 p.m. and features Gina Barr, candidate for MRP chair
  • February 19: Bloomfield Republican Women’s Club features Speaker of the MI House Lee Chatfield and political pundit Bill Ballenger at The Heathers starting at 6 p.m.  Register here www.bloomfieldrwc.com or call (248) 505-6270
  • February 22-23:  MRP State Convention (Lansing) to elect a new a 14th District Republican Committee, State Committee members and District Officers

Due to the county and state conventions this month, no Executive Committee meeting will be held in February.

A Message from the Chairwoman

Dear 14th District Executive Committee Members, and fellow Republicans;

February 20, 2015 was an amazing day for me. That was the day, after weeks of preparation and prayer, that I stood in front of a Lansing room packed with Delegates to declare that I would run for election as the next leader of the 14th District.   Later that night I was honored with being elected.

That began a four year journey to reinvigorate the 14th District.

We all know that the 14th’s  physical shape is “gerrymandered” such that electing a Republican U.S. House member will be tough. But in my heart I knew, even back in 2015, that Republicans in the 14th wanted more and deserved more.  

Frankly, many were pretty disillusioned by the lack of energy, vision and effort invested by leadership in the District.

It was my plan, along with that of a core volunteer team, to change all of that.

As this is my last letter to members in our wonderful monthly newsletter, I am proud to report that much has been accomplished over this four year period.   Of course, too many to mention, but here are a few: regular, well attended meetings to inform and energize 14th District members and regular, fun and well attended events that are first class!  More significant accomplishments are in a final profile in this newsletter.

A much more detailed list of accomplishments by our 14th District team since I was elected Chairwoman in 2015 can be seen on our District’s website at http://www.14cd.com/accomplishments.

I can NOT realistically thank all the volunteers who made all this look “easy” (which of course it was not).

However, you know who you are. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE 14th DISTRICT GREAT AGAIN

My decision to not campaign for re-election, while difficult, was the right thing to do.  After four years, it is time for new ideas from new leaders.  I will actively support whoever is elected to succeed me!

With our county conventions just days away, it is an exciting time for all Michigan Republicans!  Delegates to the MRP State Convention (elected at our county conventions on February 7) will elect our Republican leaders for the next two years. This includes our Michigan Party Chair, our Party Co-Chair, and six statewide Vice Chairs.  janine_mug.jpeg

Also elected at the February 22-23 MRP Convention will be your District officers.  District Delegates to the MRP State Convention will elect all leaders and members of our 25 member Executive Committee.

If elected to the State Convention as a Delegate or Alternate, please attend!   If not elected, you can always attend as a guest. It is a wonderful experience either way.  You’ll meet many like minded GOP activists and you’ll see how the process works!  Learn more below in the accompanying article.

Due to the county and state conventions this month, no Executive Committee meeting will be held in February.  Stay tuned for the new 14th leadership’s call to meeting!

So to all Republicans, as I sign off my last cover letter, I again say THANK YOU for the honor you have paid me by electing me as Chairwoman of the 14th District for the last four years.  It was truly a privilege! I will never forget the battle fought to support Republicans, the victories celebrated and the friends made along the way.

Thank you and you know I will support whoever you elect as the next Chair. I will always stay involved to advance the Republican cause!  See you at convention!

All the best to my favorite 14th District Republican Constituents for a fabulous 2019 and THANK YOU FOR FOUR GREAT YEARS OF EXCITEMENT as your Chairwoman! ! !

And... Happy Valentine’s Day!


Janine Kateff

14th District Chairwoman

email - [email protected]

Like our Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mi14gop

Website - 14cd.com

twitter -  https://twitter.com/

586 917 6118


Republican Convention Update

Exciting times for Michigan Republicans as county and state convention each happen this February.  Here is a update and a few things to know about each convention;

COUNTY CONVENTION - February 7, 7:00 p.m. - ALL 14th district Delegates should plan to attend their County Convention to elect delegates and alternates to the MRP state convention.

  • All Oakland County delegates will meet in Novi (Suburban Showplace Collection) on February 7 starting at 7:00 p.m. to elect delegates and alternates to the MRP state convention (get there early- there will be approximately 1,000 delegates registering)
  • All Wayne County delegates will meet at Grosse Pointe Woods Library (Branch meeting room downstairs) located at 20680 Mack Ave on February 7 starting at 7:00 p.m. The Wayne County delegates will elect delegates and alternates to the state convention AND new leadership for the Wayne-14th caucus. Delegates will elect a new Wayne County 14th Caucus Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. If you are a Wayne County delegate plan to attend for two reasons: (1) consider running for a seat on the Wayne County 14th committee and (2) take part in electing your new Wayne County 14th caucus leadership.

DISTRICT CAUCUS MEETING FOR ALL 14th DISTRICT DELEGATES -  Friday. February 22 starting at 7:00 p.m. in Lansing. All 14th District delegates elected to the MRP state convention will elect a new 14th District Chair, other officer, six state committee members and 15 member Executive Committee members. If you are a 14th District delegate elected to the MRP state convention, you are invited to attend to: (1) elect your new 14th District leadership and (2) you may wish to run for any leadership position in the District.  If elected as an alternate delegate to the MRP state convention, plan to attend, too. Alternate delegates are needed to fill spot open due to absences, so please plan to attend.

STATE CONVENTION - Saturday, February 23 starting at 9 a.m.in Lansing the MRP state convention will elect new STATE Party Leadership including a State Chair and seven (7) State Vice-Chairs. All elected District delegates will be eligible to vote.  Alternate delegates are strongly encouraged to attend to fill any and all absences in the District.

If you have any questions about the above information, please don't hesitate to reach out to Janine to ask questions.  Call her at 586-917-6118.


New Democrat Secretary of State “Cuts Deal”

Recently elected Democrat (and radical) Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson did not wait long to dive into partisan politics.   If she is successful, her negotiations would immediately re-district 15 Michigan House seats for the 2020 election cycle. Needless to say that the redrawn districts would not favor the GOP.

Likely worse, her negotiations would result in 10 MI Senate seats that would need to run AGAIN in 2020, even though these Senate seats were just decided in the 2018 election cycle for a four year term!

Each of these is a straight up effort to stack the deck for a Democrat take over of the Michigan Legislature on January 1, 2021.  Learn more here http://www.theballengerreport.com/is-the-party-over-already-benson-moves-undercut-whitmer-happy-talk/#.XEc1AYg561k.linkedin

At least the Democrats are consistent.  If they can not win at the ballot box, then change the rules and try again.

Democrat Rep. Brenda Lawrence “Votes for Us” in Washington

Your Democratic 14th Congressional District U.S. Representative Brenda Lawrence (D-MI) has been busy in Washington, D.C.  Here is a recap of several of her recent and shocking votes.   Her role in supporting the Democrat Party line, obstructing President Trump and not really looking out for our Michigan values can be seen very clearly.   

Her votes often are like this:  think of a logical idea/opinion and then vote the opposite way.   After considering her positions, please feel free to call her office at 202-225-5802:

  • HB 6784 passed 196 to 180 with Lawrence voting AGAINST.  This removed the gray wolf from the endangered species status in the lower 48 states.  Certainly glad that Congress dealt with this pressing issue.

Rep. Brenda Lawrence “Shutdown” Update

With the federal government in full “shutdown” mode (ok, that is a little joke) how was OUR elected Representative involved to end the “shutdown” seemed like a timely topic.  

Of course to 14th District voters, we’d expect that Rep. Brenda Lawrence would be working vigorously to help end the stamate. We’ll all expect that, right?

Here is an update on Rep. Lawrence’s contribution to ending the government “shutdown”  https://www.detroitnews.com/story/opinion/columnists/nolan-finley/2019/01/14/finley-lawrence-joins-puerto-rico-beach-party/2570477002/

If you have not noticed a large number of affected “furloughed” federal works here in Michigan, this summary will help to make it clear  https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/01/09/us/government-shutdown-state-by-state.html.  This article helps to understand why voters in Michigan are supporting President Trump to keep the pressure on to increase our border security! The “shutdown” has little effect!

Janine Kateff Profile:  District Chairwoman Restores 14th District

When Janine  Kateff took office as 14th Congressional District Chairwoman four years ago, she knew there was no way to turn the jurisdiction from blue to red. It had been drawn in 2010 to be a Democratic Congressional District.

But she did think that “if we could get more people motivated, they would be more likely to vote, thus deliver more votes for statewide seats, all while meeting other Republicans who shared the same political perspective. In short, I promised the caucus that if elected, I would create excitement and activities within the District that would inspire more Republicans to get out and vote.”

Through a variety of endeavors, she feels these goals have been attained.

“We asked 14th District precinct delegates to tell us what they wanted to accomplish, created five subcommittees to accomplish those tasks, which were brainstormed, and each committee completed its prioritized tasks,” Kateff says.

Kateff says the organization has:

Also, Kateff points out that 14th District Republicans helped turn Michigan red and elect Donald Trump president in 2016.

“If success is measured by winning, we were successful in 2016 and not in 2018,” Kateff says.  “However, if success is measured by the goals we set and met, we were very successful.”

Kateff was “raised right, raised Republican,” as she puts it.

Kateff grew up in a family of five in Allen Park. She has an older sister and younger brother.

“From the beginning of my childhood, we spent many Sunday, birthday and holiday dinners at the dining table discussing politics with family,” she says. “Many family members served in the armed forces and we were reminded why they served. My parents taught us to work hard, be honest, support and love thy neighbor, country, etc. I support the right to life for God's miracles, small government, low taxes and personal responsibility. Our single most powerful voice is on election day.”

JK_with_flag.jpgHowever, Kateff says she did not become involved in politics until after Congress adopted Obamacare.

“I saw elected officials sell out via backroom deals and then retire,” she says. “I volunteered to work with the Rocky Raczkowski Congressional campaign for 11 months as photographer and served as his West Bloomfield campaign manager. Most importantly, I met great new Republicans of which many were in the 14th District!”

“Then, I became a precinct delegate, state committeewoman, District chair, Trump delegate to the 2016 RNC Convention, and became active in statewide leadership with fellow Congressional district chairs. I've knocked on almost every door in West Bloomfield …... No paycheck, just pure love for our country and fellowship with Republicans who feel the same.”   

Kateff holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education and school administration.  

“I married the boy next door at 21,” she says. “I’ve been married to my husband, Dennis Kateff, for 44 years, with one beautiful and very smart daughter, Megan. We have two Jack Russell terrorists,” she says, referring to her pet dogs.

Kateff worked as a teacher and then principal.  She retired from education, her first career, at age 50. Kateff then started her own business as a licensed builder and “built beautiful homes in Oakland County until 2007 when the real-estate market collapsed. What a thrill to create something from the ground up and then hand over keys!

“With more freed up time I worked as a volunteer, delegate, state committeewoman in politics for the next several years. I volunteered as a parent throughout Megan’s education at Cranbrook. In 2015, I was elected Chairwoman for the 14th District. In late 2015 was called by the elected township clerk, Cathy Shaughnessy, to work in the West Bloomfield Clerk’s office as deputy clerk and jumped at the opportunity to help pay for Megan’s law school. This was yet another very exciting time to learn details about the election process. In November, 2016 my clerk lost the election and we both became unemployed.”

Kateff, now 65, was re-elected District chairwoman in 2017, but is not seeking re-election.

“Four years as chair is enough,” she says. “It is time for some fresh perspective, and new blood to run with the well-lit 14th District torch.”

What advice does she have for her eventual successor?

“Create activities that motivate Republicans to want to engage. Ask delegates what they want to accomplish. Never endorse any candidates during a primary, because the moment you do, half of the District will be angry. Let the people decide,” a practice she and the District organization have pursued during her tenure.

Kateff plans to stay engaged in politics and also “be available to assist our very old parents who need more assistance in their 90s.”

The Kateffs’ daughter practices law in Texas, which “is too far away.  I want to be free to spend time with her. Ultimately, in the next five to seven years, we plan to make a move to Texas.”

Opinion Column Published in The Jewish News

Republican activists are encouraged to keep the conservative voice in the media’s mailbox (if not in their coverage).   

Republican activist and 14th District Executive Committee member Eugene Greenstein (Farmington Hills)  expressed strong support for President Trump in a recent Opinion Column published in the Jewish News. His writing, entitled “Trump Is No Anti-Semite”, is a must read.

Eugene is a frequent contributor to local media and his clear support of Republican values is a welcome change for their readership!

His opinion column published by Jewish News on January 3, 2019 may be read here:.


Reminder About Membership

Are you a member of the Republican 14th Congressional District?  Or want to join us? You have two options to join or renew your membership:

  1. Snail mail your $25 membership check to c/o 14th Congressional District, 2630 Birch Harbor, West Bloomfield, MI. 48324 (checks made payable to the 14th District).
  2. Online Renewal  - https://mi14gop.nationbuilder.com/donation.

Your dues and other fundraising activities support Republican candidates and organizations in the 14th Congressional District.

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