Delegates Elected to Attend RNC National Convention

Delegates Elected to RNC National Convention

Grassroots Process Sends Local Activists to Jacksonville


Lansing, MI [Immediate Release]:  Precinct Delegates, even those elected to participate in the 2020 Republican National Convention, are normally fairly anonymous.   Not in 2020.   With the national media focused on every detail about the RNC Convention----even how Michigan Delegates are selected----the 14th Congressional District met as a part of the Michigan Republican Party’s Convention held virtually on June 13.   A part of the MRP Convention was to select Delegates (and Alternates) to the 2020 RNC Convention to be held in August.   That Convention will nominate President Donald J. Trump for re-election.


“Our selection process is about as ‘grassroots’ as it can get,” said Mayra Rodriguez, 14th District Chairwoman and also an RNC Convention Delegate.  “The process began at the Wayne and Oakland County conventions where individual party members were elected to attend the MRP State Convention.  There our selection process ended when those elected to the MRP Convention voted virtually.  Like each District statewide, the 14th District elected three Delegates and three Alternate Delegates to the 2020 RNC Convention.  Our process brings people together and helps to generate enthusiasm heading into the critical November election. I am proud of the entire selection process and of each citizen elected!”

Elected to represent the 14th District at the 2020 RNC National Convention are:

Delegates                                                                  Alternate Delegates

Eugene Greenstein (Farmington Hills)                 Renee Strobl (Grosse Pointe Shores) 

Robert Oestreich (Farmington Hills)                    Matt Seely (Grosse Pointe Shores)

William Rauwerdink (West Bloomfield)                Linda Sawyer (Detroit)

In addition, three 14th District Executive Committee members were named as Michigan At-Large RNC Convention Delegate or Alternates.  Those named to be At-Large are Monica Palmer (Alternate - Grosse Pointe Woods), Max Weiner (Alternate – Grosse Pointe Park) and Rodriguez (Delegate  – Grosse Pointe Farms).