County Convention Information 2016

Dear Precinct Delegates,                                               Sunday, March 20, 2016


This email is intended to give you an overview of your upcoming County Convention from the perspective of the Chair of the 14th District.

 As Chair I have been briefed, involved in MIGOP conference calls and gathered information from meetings and other congressional district chairs.  



Here are some facts to prepare you for your County Convention this Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 7:00pm (plan to arrive 30 minutes early, at 6:30, to get registered)

  • Every County in Michigan will hold their County Convention on the same date and time. 
  •        14th District Wayne County Precinct Delegates will meet at St John’s Episcopal Church at 2326 Woodward Avenue in Detroit.  
  •        14th Oakland County Precinct Delegates will meet at the American Polish Cultural Center at 2975 E. Maple Rd, Troy. 
  •        The primary objective of your County Convention is to elect delegates to the State Convention on April 8 and 9, Lansing Center. (reserve your hotel now)
  •        For those of you who want to be elected as a State Delegate for the State Convention keep these things in mind:


  1.  Friday April 8 will be Opening Day for the Tigers. If this conflicts with your schedule to be in Lansing for the 7:00 pm meeting, you might not want to run for a State Delegate seat at your County Convention.
  2. For our Orthodox Jewish delegates, the State Convention will be held on a Friday evening through Saturday afternoon. You might want to talk to David Wolkinson to address any special needs (248 804 1961, [email protected])  or get suggestions for hotel accommodations). 
We established a 14th District Rules Committee comprised of 3 Wayne and 3 Oakland county members to create suggested and proposed grassroots rules. The ATTACHED rules were created to assist the process and save time debating rules, once in your caucus. If the attached rules don’t fit your caucus, caucus history, caucus procedures or traditions then don’t use them. They are offered in the spirit of being helpful and to save time. Thank you to Rules Chair: Matt Beer; Max Rohtbart; myself; Cheryl Constantino; Gloria Rocha and Matt Schonert for spending hours to help the make your convention process easier.  

If you can not attend your county convention but would like to be considered as a delegate to the State Convention, contact your County Chair via email to express your interest. 

The City Caucus Chairs for 14th District Oakland will be announced at the “Congressional District” portion of Tuesday’s Convention.  

After your Oakland 14th District City Caucus meeting, please report back to reconvene the District Caucus to “fill in” empty Alternate spots, if any.  Spouses, neighbors and other guests that live in the 14th District, may be eligible to fill vacant Alternate spots. 

  •         If you are a 14th Wayne County delegate with questions contact Dan Grano at 313 205 2215.
  •         If you are a 14th District Oakland County delegate with questions call me 586 917 6118. 

Looking forward to a fair, transparent, successful and exciting County Convention for everyone involved!

Have a great County Convention experience on Tuesday, March 22 – remember to arrive at 6:30pm to register and receive your credentials.

 Warmest Regards,

 Janine Kateff

14th District Chairwoman 

586 917 6118